Monday, January 12, 2009

Phoot >>> Bang

Amava's been an archer for her whole raiding career.

Entered Kara with the crystal crossbow from Ogrila. Got Steelhawk Attumen crossbow on the first or second kill. And before my next ranged drop happened, the 150 badger peacock became available.

Apparently it was going to be crossbows for life TBC.

When Sunfury dropped off of the 50 or 60th Prince kill, it was more of a joke because of how much some players had lusted after that shiny, and happily my team let me have it as an obsolete trophy rather than shard it for a void crystal. When wolf slayer sniper rifle dropped, I was gonna make a move for another trophy, but a rogue or warrior wanted it for fun, so I share.

But times have changed

With WotLK, I'm not raiding content that's been out for a year already, but rather while it still has that new dungeon smell (despite being recycled level 60 vintage).

Still sporting the peacock, our guild-first Patchwerk kill yielded me my new precious: Arrowsong.

Excellent speed, excellent tool-tip DPS, nice blend of stats.

But more importantly, she's a BOW. And she looks gorgeous.

Cross bows are ok, guns suck donkey balls.

A bow is what an archer should carry. I'm still fond of the good old days of Warcraft II, bringing in three packs of nine Elven Rangers (back when you could only group nine units together at a time in a RTS) to support my friend's packs of ballistas and another guy's paladins.

And Arrowsong has served the team well, aiding in the kill of boss after boss after T7 boss. Draining quiver after quiver after gold-sucking quiver. But I digress.

If you want to upgrade something, invest in it

I'm a big fan of enchanting a piece of gear that you want to discard. It appeases the Tiki God of Random Numbers. Plus, in the event of an angry god, you still do better anyways.

In the case of my beautiful bow, she already had the best scope in game at the moment. How does one invest?

How about 450g worth of Saronite into Arrow Machines?

Just that very day, I sent 9 stacks of saronite to my favorite engineer, and had my 6 new arrow machines waiting in the mail before the raid.

And wouldn't you know it, we whoop KT's ass and he coughs up the big boy: Envoy of Mortality.


A gun!!!!

Blizzard uses the thesaurus to name gear

Envoy of Mortality?

Messenger of Death, much?

Well, I don't really care about the name.

I do care about the utterly annoying sound FX of the gun firing.

And even more so, I care about the sweet sweet numbers she brings.

Probably 50-75 DPS increase, which is pretty nice for a single piece of gear.

But wait? Earlier you said guns suck donkey balls? Is this true?

Unfortunately, yes, this is true. But a man night elf chick's got to do what a man night elf chick's got to do.

Any fun Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix stories?

Any TBC raiders out there?

How did your SBotP land in your bags?

When did you replace it?

Aside: The investment worked out financially as well. Probably won't recoup the full 450, but those arrow machines sell pretty nicely. Over just one night, several sold on AH in addition to the loose arrow stacks that had already been extracted from the machine. I'm sure you're all worried sick over the thought of me losing some gold.

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