Tuesday, January 13, 2009

[Amava] has earned the achievement [Totally Wasted Sunday]!

This sunday was awesome.

Massively in need of some down time and relaxation, I got bit by the achievement bug.

Cook Cook Cook

Do the daily in Dalaran. Accrue 3 awards. Buy next recipe.

Not a dinger, but brings me one step closer to Northrend Gourmet (45).

Only three purchasable recipes left.

Cross fingers for patch 3.0.8 this week which will make the currently unavailable last four recipes actually attainable in-game.

Off to Stranglethorn Vale

The chain reaction started with such a simple desire.

Back when Amava was a lil girl, she never did the Nessingwary Big Game Hunter quest line in Strangelthorn Vale. So I wanted to close that one out and finish off the achievement for the Classic, Burning Crusade and Lich King trio.

Easy enough to saunter around STV one shotting stuff. (And picking goldthorn which is selling for a wonderful 4g per herb).

All was well at this point, just a simple achievement.

Time to Explore the Eastern Kingdoms

Picture yourself sitting in STV.

And you take a look at your achievements interface.

And you see the Explorer one.

And your un-explored items make an absolutely perfect path north through Eastern Kingdoms, and then south through Kalimdor.

I couldnt' resist!

Up north through Duskwood to Redridge.

Still further north to the Burning Steppes.

Through Black Rock Mountain to gain passage over to Badlands.

Keep going north to Loch Modan.

Would be reasonable to fly from here to Southshore, but I'm feeling poetic and exploring on foot (well, Aspect of the Pack improved Traveler's Tundra Mammoth, but foot none-the-less) I ran through the already-explored zones of Wetlands, Arathi, and Hillsbrad.

Into some enemy territory in Silverpine Forrest and Tirisfal Glades.

Eastern Plague Lands, which is much more fun to visit now that I've finished off the Death Knight starting quest line.

And deeper into Horde country in Ghostlands and Eversong Woods.

Kalimdor, oh Kalimdor

Lets keep with the perfect path through the whole world. I did cheat and hearth'ed here, so sue me.

Portal to Exodar.

Agonizing awful exploration of Bloodmyst (truly, this one sucked) and Azuremyst Isle.

Take a boat and then cheated on a birdy to Azshara to ding the one and only explorable chunk in that Thorium-rich zone.

Cut through Ashenvale and Barrens to get to Durotar to scare some low-level orcs (no, I didn't shoot them, but I did shoot two hordies on a titanium node earlier that day :-)

Back through Barrens to Mulgore to go cow tipping.

And back into Barrens to get to Thousand Needles for the one and only explorable chunk in this baby. Aside: you can just jump off the elevator on the Mammoth and she dies, but you don't. Resummon and off you are.

Cut south through Tanaris and Un'goro to gain access to Silithus.

Ding Silithus.

Ding Kalimdor.

Ding Explorer!

One damn quest left

Sporting my new title, Amava the Explorer, I took a look over the achievements, I see just a couple quests left in Outlands, so its time for some fun.

This was rough. ish.

With only two or three quests to complete for a zone, it is hard as hell to find what you need to do.

All I can recommend is the following two tidbits:

1) WoW Head. Search for the exact name of the achievement you're going for. The comments have some excellent advice for typical quests that members of each faction might miss. I could not have done these without WoW Head. Make sure you're looking at the achievement for your faction, as each one is listed separately for each side but with the same name.

2) If you're a gatherer, you might like a macro to swap between finding nodes and finding low level quests:

 /run local t=1; _,_,a=GetTrackingInfo(t);if (a) then t=2 end; SetTracking(t)

You'll need to change the 3 and the 25 to the actual number that matches your tracking mode. Just click your mini-map tracker icon and count to figure out your unique numbers. 3 & 25 happen to be Mining and Low Level Quests for me.

The hardest one was just one single quest left in Terokkar Forrest, but luckily finishing off a quest line in Nagrand took me back to Shatt City and that gave me credit for a Terokkar one.

Ding Hellfire, Nagrand, Shadowmoon Valley, and Terokkar. BEM and Zang were done already. Netherstorm, you remain two short of the ding.

Horde Griefing at the Ring of Blood

To finish off the evening, I did the last couple quests in Nagrand via the Ring of Blood, which came with its own achievement for doing this and also the Amphitheater of Anguish in Zul'Drak.

Horde who kept showing up to gank during RoB, kiss my tush.

But they left...and other horde showed up.

But they left also...and other horde showed up.

Annoying because they weren't staying around to do the quest, but rather just flying by to say "hi", presumably due to the zone-wide announcements that somebody is in action. Who knew there were multiple groups of 2 or more level 80 hordies in Nagrand, because it was never just one player, and never the same players more than once. /shrug

Eventually got em done.

And went to sleep with only two quests left in Outlands (didn't want to fly all the way up to Netherstorm, but that'll be soon !!!!)

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