Thursday, January 15, 2009

Is this true?

350 - 450 Grand Master

level required:

Alchemy 65
Blacksmithing 60
Enchanting 60
Engineering 60
Inscription 65
Jewelcrafting 60
Leatherworking 65
Tailoring 60

Is this true?

Because, somewhere along the way, I got it my head that level 70 was required to train Grand Master in all crafting professions.

60/65 would make me very happy indeed.


Leiandra said...

Umm... if it is true, why the difference in the different professions? Why not something across the board like 65 for all? The 60 or 65 could be correct (I'd wager it's 65), but I'm guessing that they're all 65. No?

Anonymous said...

I do happen to know off the top of my head that the Inscription training is Lvl 65. My DK inscriber is stuck at lvl 62 and 375 skill while I gear my mage


Valdesta said...

Yes, you can pick up training to 450 at 60 for most professions from what I know.

I have a 64 Rogue who is cranked on everything even though she hasn't been leveled for ages ;)

And RYN: Thanks for the response on the Malygos post! Yes, we're getting better at the sparks, and with running with a consistent tank strategy, all of us better know how to run when we come out of the Vortex so we're not in front of the nasty bad dragon.

Tonight we're going in with our 25 man group for a wipefest of learning attempts. Haven't gotten him down even in 10 man yet but it won't take too long once we concentrate. It's nice to have a full raid night to dedicate to it, the rest of the 25 man content is done for the week after 2 nights.

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Anonymous said...

Tailoring is not 60 (my bank-alt-mage is 61 and stuck on 375) but ench can train at 60. Alch and Inscription ist 65 (I'm trying to level my bank-alt-rogue, now 60).