Tuesday, August 12, 2008

You mean I'm supposed to be out front?

Ran Shadow Fang Keep and Wailing Caverns for the first time each.

As a level 24/25 Prot spec Paladin.

It truly is strange standing in the front of the party.

As we turn a corner to a new room, I'm supposed to run into the mobs and bring them over to the party.

When a mob is loose and running rampant, I'm supposed to bring them back.

Eerie as hell, but a giant learning experience.

In even this short stint in my tanking career, some quickies I learned:

1) DPS'ers, respect the damn kill order. Your tank will be laying the highest threat moves on the first mob in the kill order. Don't be a silly goose and pull the other mobs.

2) If your tank is out of mana, sit your ass down and be nice. Maybe even dance with him.

3) Hunters, turn growl off. You're not special because you can pull aggro with your pet.

4) Let the tank walk out front. If for no other reason than common courtesy. Or for the more practical reason of letting the tank be the one who discovers, and aggros, hidden or patrolling mobs.

5) Start a pull before the tank is ready and you've just given your tank the biggest power in the game, he gets to choose whether you live or die. I allowed one warning. After that, you die. I let this one warlock die 7 or 8 times in the 2.5 hours we were playing together.

6) If you are playing a druid who specifically answered the call of "LFM WC, need healer then gtg" (A) you should actually drop a heal every now and again, and (B) if I catch you in bear form taunting aggro off of me, you're getting removed from the group immediately.

That's about all I've got to say about that.

Playing tank was fun, twould be even more so with a group faced with a challenging instance at an appropriate level for the instance, and therefore was paying better attention to doing their jobs.

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