Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sporeggar and my feet

Oye Vey!

I'm sitting here in my silly little cubicle at work, going utterly out of my mind, totally bat-sh!t crazy, from the worst case of poison ivy I've ever had in my life. Aparently I was careless out in the woods the other day, wearing flip flops, because its all over my feet, i mean all over, between the toes, on the top, bottoms, sides, up the ankles about a third of the way to the knees.

The texture looks like I dipped my feet into oatmeal with pureed strawberries mixed in it. Its such a thorough coating, you'd think that I danced a jig or something in a barrel of poison ivy plants.

Somebody please cast Abolish Poison on me. Or shoot me.

Simply going out of my mind sitting here trying to not scratch. And it wouldn't really be appropriate to whip my feet out and dab calamine lotion in the office.

So my recent stint of focusing on work and avoiding most of the WoW stuff during the day is out the window until my feet are human again. And you all get a bonus post or two today.

On with the show...

Last night, with feet fully soothed by a generous coating of calamine lotion, I ground out the last couple thousand points to ding Exalted with Sporeggar.

Just plain annoying grind. Either kill random stuff for the somewhat elusive Fertile Spores and/or do that stupid repeatable quest killing 12 male and 6 female Nagas.

Of all the rep grinds so far, this was my least favorite.

And no real reward. Sure, a tiny sporebat companion pet. He's cute. I like Muckbreath better, or the Olympics one until the Olympics are over.

Yeah, and it was fun to ding Exalted, go consult the Quartermaster only to discover that they want 30 Glowcaps for the Sporebat.

Luckily, I used to be a Herbalist, and a damn fine one at that, so I had tons of Glowcap nodes still recorded in my Gatherer. Made it pretty easy.

So that's the last of the solo-able rep grinds in the Outlands.

Still have Keepers of Time and Lower City to go, so maybe I'll start pushing for some heroic runs.

No reason, just for the sake of completion. Jeez, you think I'll like the Accomplishment thingie in WotLK?

Or, for real fun, and a couple random mounts, maybe I'll go farm Runecloth and exalt with the main Azeroth factions.

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