Thursday, August 21, 2008

Some things I want but likely won't get

Dreams and goals are a good thing to have.

Weighing those dreams and goals against real life constraints, and coming up with realistic milestones that you can control or accomplish is a constructive thing.

Thinking of some highly improbable things, and recognizing that they'll likely never happen, but still crossing your arms, pouting, stamping your poison ivy infested foot, and saying "i want it anyway" is childish. But fun.

In response to hearing someone say "I wish I had [impossible thing]", a wise man once said "you can put your impossible wishes in one hand, and a pile of poo in the other, they're just about equally useful."

So here's some of my poo-equivalent....

  1. Get Blizzard to retroactively apply the recruit-a-friend buffs to me and the gf's account. I created her account only a few weeks before the program was announced. We'd be in Outlands now if we had that. Instead, we're in Thousand Needles.

  2. Get a ZA Bear mount. This one is actually a possibility, a big stretch, but perhaps might happen if we get some magical motivation among our team. I put it on my list of "impossible" things, maybe to fire me up to accomplish the impossible.

  3. Get two pieces of Hunter T5 gear. I wanna see how many Clefthoofs I can load Condoleezza the Ravager up with without ever casting Mend Pet. I'll probably kill some T5 bosses before WotLK, but given how many damn Hunter-Mage-Warlock I run with, the chances of getting 2 T5 loots, nuh-uh.

  4. Break 1550 in Arena Season 4. Once I cross 1500, I face Hand of Adal and Rival teams. I get pwned. I die a little inside.

  5. Switch Amava from Night Elf to Orc. Kinda stinky that game design keeps me from enjoying the investment I made in Amava, and also play with some real life friends who happen to play Horde. Plus, I like the hips and curves on Orc women better.

  6. Get my Horde Paladin and/or Druid, and my gf's Shaman to 70 before WotLK. We will hit level cap eventually, but i'm not sure if it'll be 70 or 80 when we first do it. All three toons are at 30 right now. And have no recruit-a-friend buffs :-(

  7. And lastly...before WotLK, it is improbable that I'll actually make a decision on whether to stick with my lil Brazilian-dancing Night Elf, or to make the plunge and become a Druid-with-Paladin-alt Hordie. I love Amava, and the friends she's made, and the guild she's in, and the reputation she has on the server. But the lure to play with RL friends is pretty strong as well.

So, some things possible with a stretch and a push, some things highly improbable, some things just down right ain't gonna happen, and some good old fashioned indecision.

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