Friday, August 22, 2008

A Parent's Job

One of my guild-mates is a recent high school graduate.

Like the rest of us, he devotes a little more time towards recreation/hobby activity than he should.

A few weeks ago, he more or less disappeared. He'd show up now and again, but not really raiding, just coming online for a minute or two here and there.

Discover yesterday that he doesn't really have a job. Not hugely surprising, given the fact that until recently, his primary focus was girls, no wait, WoW, no wait, drinking, no wait, oh i give up school.

Seems that his father thinks the amount of effort he is putting in towards finding a job is uninspiring.

He's been put on severe time limits, and actually has an ultimatum that the account will be shut off at the end of the month if no suitable employment was found.

In a conversation with some guildies about the situation, I said "Good for him (the father). Graduating HS is a pivotal time in life, and he's doing the right thing to give his son some consequences for his action."

Someone responded with "It sucks. We lose our best expose weakness"


Who gives a sh!t what we lose. We're talking about trying to get his head screwed on straight in real life.

We'll find another EW (see next post).

He's got to square away Real Life, not worry about some overgrown kids that he hangs out with online.

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