Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Why LW?

Lacking anything else interesting to talk about today, I figured I'd justify to myself share with you why I keep Leatherworking at this point.

As far as I see it, there's three probable reasons a person would be a LW:

1) To craft gear they can wear to benefit their own toon.

2) To craft gear and item enhancements to provide for others or sell for profit.

3) They like to play the drums.

Probably more reasons out there, but these, specifically #3, are the biggies.

So for Amava to keep LW, lets see which of these apply....

#3) I do enjoy the drums, but with only one other LW in the guild, who's raid attendance is spotty, its not like we're stacking LW's to chain cast and keep a permanent haste bonus on any raid groups. Its a small buff to my own group on boss fights, which is nice, but very few players that typically end up in my group know how to alter their shot/spell/attack rotation to make best use of the 30 seconds of haste, so the benefit of this one is minimal. Fun sound effect though.

#2) Occasional tips for crafting Nethercleft and Nethercobra legs, nice to provide them free to the Guild and friends, and a couple entry-level BoE patterns for druid healy gear that I picked up have been crafted for friends. No where near the profit required to consider this one a valid reason for me, and also no where near enough goodwill from hooking friends up either.

#1) Having leveled up to 70, getting my toon epic'd out from drops, badges, rep, and pvp, I've never personally equipped anything I've crafted, save for a couple leg armor packs as my gear upgrades. This one is currently not the driving force behind my LW.

So what gives? Three good reasons to be a LW, three reasons that Amava really doesn't get a large benefit from any of them.

Well, I'm banking on the hopes that reason #1 will once again become important in WotLK.

By the time I started playing WoW, Blizz had pretty much made LW obsolete. All the entry-level epic sets you hear more old school players talk about were practically useless by the time I started raiding Karazhan.

But, a few months from now, when I'm sporting a fresh level 80 character, perhaps there won't be quite the plethora of options available for preparing a toon for raiding. Maybe at that point, it'll be beneficial to craft a set of BoP epics via LW.


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