Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mile High Ribs

So I'm on a business trip.

Visiting some software vendor who stands to make a fortune I recommend to my company that we buy their software.

Naturally they have a vested interest in making sure they take care of my needs.

Their vision was to take me out, wine and dine me.

I told them "I raid monday and wednesday, so tuesday, you better stack a pile of Texas ribs higher than I can jump."

See, I like me some ribs.

I'll tell you tomorrow how the ribs are.

Back to the WoW.

Things have been pretty cool.

SSC. Two nights in a row. Total of 10 attempts at Lurker Below.

No boss kill yet, best attempt at 60%.

On a feel good note, tons and tons of positive feedback for Amava on how the raids run and how I keep the team together through hours and hours of wiping. That strokes the ego better than topping the damage meter.

If we struggle on Lurker some more, I think either Hydross, or maybe a visit to Void Reaver might be in order.

On a separate note, I tried out some Dual-Boxing action. Undead Mage and Troll Priest. Lots of fun. Nearly fully automated controls between the two windows, so I only have to use the Priest's WoW window to do quest related stuff. Not sure if it'll become my primary alt-related activity, but it sure makes for a neat diversion from time to time.


Morane said...

Hello ! It's Thursday already, how were the ribs?

Geek Gmr said...

I think the more I play WoW the more I notice peers that also play.. find out a meeting online was canceled.. find out why? I had social commitments. Orly? yeah.. My guild was in SWP and I was MT'ing..

Things like this happen, I am relatively surprised your peers there didn't just flat out ask.. "what srvr?"