Wednesday, August 20, 2008

No fun + no rewards = smell u later

So I've just about had it with Arenas.

Season 4 is not normalizing at all. The opponent matching system isn't too hot for me, Dog.

Start the week at 1450.

PWN the first 2 teams. We're talking "zomg, i just 3-shot the shammy!" kind of pwned.

Easily defeat the next 2 teams, in matches that aren't even close, if not quite pwnage.

Pop to about 1525.

Get crushed. Crushed! We're talking "zomg, i just got 3-shot by that mage!" kind of pwned. For the next 3 matches.

One really good fight, could have gone either way. Took a little while, required some pretty good teamwork and resourcefulness. We lost, but by far, the only most fun match of the night.

Lost another one, not even close. Not a 3-shot, but they were at full health and near full mana as we crumbled.

Pwned the last team.

Went 5-5, ended the week at 1453.

Perhaps the least fun 45 minutes of my week, and if you knew some of the stuff I got going on IRL, you'd know that that's saying something.

My biggest issue is that its so clearly not matching us up with suitable opponents.

From 80,000 feet, sure, you could say we went 5-5, so it clearly is matching properly.

Yeah, right.

The difference between totally pwning and being totally pwned should be more than a 50 arena rating points.

Its been consistent like this week to week.

And since 1550 looks to be out of reach, there's no more gear in it for me.


My ultimatum to Blizzard: give me a reasonably balanced set of matches next week, or WeHeartWelfare is out of the arena business.

No fun + no rewards = smell u later

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