Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Random thought: battle animations

Playing a Hunter, my standard solo action involves sending in my pet, allowing between 1-2k threat build up, depending upon how aggressive I feel, and then opening fire. Sometimes Aimed Shot, just because I love the ricochet sound fx played by Critical Alert, or more sensibly with a serpent sting and a steady/auto rotation.

Not a whole lot of fun visually in this routine. Perhaps the best part is watching my Ravager Condoleezza scuttle about when she does a Dash, usually when she's 90% of the way to the mob already, lol. Wasted Cooldowns, FTW!

However, playing my now level 28 Protection Paladin, its a bit different visually.

The best is when she's facing off with mobs that are substantially larger than her.

This morning, fighting in Ashenvale, against the Satyrs in the northeast.

They're pretty big, but not unrealistically so. Rotate the camera so you kinda look up at them for full effect.

And when my Pally dodges or parries, it just looks so cool.

And the shield? Sweetness.

Her body positioning, posture, arm movements, shield blocking, all look pretty realistic. Well, I have no idea what "realistic" means, since I've never witnessed any real sword & shield combat IRL, but it at least matches my imaginary vision of what that kind of combat should look like. Maybe too static, as I doubt someone in a real life situation just stands there trading blows, but we're dealing with a certain fantasy aspect here, ppl.

And its a good thing its visually appealing, because unlike the Hunter, whose visually boring fight lasts 4 shots, with the Paladin, its 30 seconds of beautifully animated battle sequences, just to kill an equal level mob.

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Geek Gmr said...

Dude.. if it takes 30 seconds to kill with a pally.. you are OBVIOUSLY the wrong spec.

Standard advice is to go Retribution until 40ish and then drop into Prot/ret for AOE grinding.

For a for instance... my pally kills level 34 guys in about 10 seconds.. He's level 28. This is sometimes 2 lvl 34ish mobs. Check armory.. my armor is NOT "epic".. or in any way "twinked". Brepalan on Medivh server.. totally lame gear.. except Verigans Fist (which is a must have immediately when you hit 20, by the way).

Fight coreography..
run in with (blessing of wisdom, Ret aura) Consecrate(optional but great if there are more than 1 mobs) > Seal of Crusader> Judge> Seal of Command.. autoswing.... on last 3 seconds judge then Seal of Command again. repeat until mobs are dead.

just my 2 cents..
Mcgoo @ Medivh