Thursday, August 21, 2008

Primals, primals, everywhere

Talked things over with the Officers and it looks like we're going to try to accelerate our progress a little bit. We're all anxious that the xpac is on the horizon, and the raids that we're doing now will be long forgotten by Christmas. As long as we feel the team is overall geared up, even close to enough, we're gonna try to push past bosses as fast as we can. If a boss has already been killed, and is considered optional to a dungeon, pretty much gonna skip.

I was originally hoping to farm Gruul's and Magtheridon, and master each until we could do both together in a single 2 hour raid. After talking it over, we figure that we're pretty much ready to move on, and not linger too much longer. Kill Maggy a couple more times, just for the sake of proving its not a fluke, and to get a couple more pieces of gear for folks to boost up some healing capacity and maybe some under performing DPS.

That means SSC is coming up soon. If we have 20 ppl from the guild online this Sunday, we'll probably go in.

That means we need the specialized magic resist gear for our tanks.

That means we need primals galore.

Luckily, Amava's got a financial manager (AH mule alt) who likes to squirrel away valuables for rainy days, and so a couple of stacks of Lifes, Fires, and Waters went into the Guild Bank, getting us pretty close to what we need. Supposedly also need Shadow, but I'm all out. Time to kill some of the Void guys over by the Clefthoof farming grounds.

Its a little corny, but there's a part of me that likes the Guild-wide effort like gathering up Primals to gear people up.

Of course, there's also a part of me that thinks that specialized gear for just one encounter is stupid. And even more so once one of those players jumps ship, and takes their soulbound resist gear with them.

But, at least for now, I'm somewhat amused by the process.


Geek Gmr said...


Ya know I have been in SSC a lot of times, but I was never on the "progression" group for the guild. I went in on bosses after they were mastered and after the gearing up process was pretty well over, except alt 70's getting some kewl gear.

Sounds exciting Amava.. I sure wish I could have been involved in all that..

Brajana said...

Yeah, I think the whole special resist gear for one encounter is a silly idea. We've geared up a couple different characters for the Hydross encounter as well as the Leo encounter, and they've all left the guild or the game, and so now we can no longer do Hydross... which sucks, because three of my largest upgrades drop off of him. The worst part is that we have to run right past him every time we are in SSC, reminding us that we can't fight him, just because we don't have the right crafted gear on someone!

Anonymous said...

Grats on the ZA clear. Uber tank or not those last 2 fights aren't exactly Moroes. What I want to know is this - did that tank get his gear or will he be going back?

There is not too much you can do about the specific gear encounters (or tanks leaving). Its a way of artificially slowing down progress (ie you must have done BT x times before you can do Mother cause you need so many HoD)

Its why so many guild main tanks are officers instead of gearing ordinary guys too I guess. No-one likes making that sort of investment in some guy who will leave tomorrow.

Meanwhile, anyone want to bet there are a _heap_ of frost resist fights in Wotlk?

We just merged a few guilds together so we too are hitting SSC next week. Should be good.