Tuesday, August 12, 2008

BG as a Low Level Hordie

The Olympics show up, and along with them, a tabard and companion pet.

So the GF and I decide to take our first step into Horde BG. Her first step into BG entirely.

What a hoot.

I was a level 26 Prot Paladin and she was a lvl 27 Elemental Shammy at the time, so we clearly were not a big help to our teams, getting pwned by 29's left and right.

But lots of fun.

I have absolutely no idea how to play Paladin in PvP. Hell, i was slamming my #2 button while following flag runners to Wing Clip / Raptor Strike them. :-)

Did a little healing, got spanked.

Tried grabbing the flag and running it back, got spanked.

Tough not having an instant-cast heal. At least the gf could ghost wolf and run ahead of the FC and then heal as they run past. If I got CC'd at all, no real chance of catching up to the pack and contributing.

Did enjoy casting Blessing of Freedom and the occasional bubble on flag carriers.

Got a loser's tabard, which is fun to wear, for no real reason, but its ugly which I like.

Now, we're thinking of heading back in at level 29 to see if we cant eeek out a win and a companion pet before dinging into the next bracket.

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