Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Clicking in...3...2...1...Click

Fresh Exhausted from my interesting night of "sleep" camping in a thunderstorm, I return home just in time for a 25-person raid.

Well, actually just in time to go buy a new dog leash, and then the raid.

See, the dog took umbrage to the fact that during one of the 30 minute sunny periods he was left tied to a tree while we went fishing. He told me what he thinks of that, and chewed through his leash, only to run around terrorizing the surrounding camp sites until we were able to wrangle him in. Thanks, pup, like we're not having enough fun already on this trip. Only to be trumped later when, amidst a giant thunderous downpour, the two dogs decide to start playing rough and accidentally tear down the awning/tent that we were all taking shelter under. Once again, thx pup.

So I make it home and get ready to raid.

Not looking good with only 13 signups and only 12 logged in an hour before start time.

Well, ok, I'd actually rather watch some Olympics than do a raid tonight anyways because, other than fencing, all the outfits are pretty skimpy, and the athletes take pretty good care of themselves, lol I like the sense of international spirit and people pushing their limits.

Raid time gets closer, 20 people from the Guild on, some friends available, lets go see what we think of Magtheridon.

First pull was 30 minutes later than scheduled start time which was annoying, but oh well.

If anybody has been reading this blog for a while, you may recall that back in January, when we were progressed maybe 2 bosses into Karazhan with one team of 10 people only, we decided to raid Magtheridon as a team building exercise. Ended up being a team crushing exercise, but oh well. Water under the bridge, however we did clear all the trash which is actually something to be pretty proud of given the fact that most people were in greenies, not even bluies at that point, and very few had ANY raiding experience at all.

So, we return to seek revenge.

Such fun to waltz through the trash like it was nothing. All the players who were present in January had a good laugh at that.

Took a while to explain the fight.

A few people had seen the fight before, but nobody had ever done the job of cube clicker.

So, I chose three of the tanks who won't need to be tanking, and two very responsible Mages as clickers.

We all knew the general idea of clicking to interrupt Blast Nova, but nobody had an idea of the precise timing of when to do the click.

So we started up, cleared the Channelers easily. On our best attempt, we had 4 channelers down and were started on the 5th when Maggy activated, so our DPS was on the money.

Cube clicking.

Uggy uggy uggy.

We successfully interrupted Blast Nova twice during 5 attempts.

Just couldn't get it nailed.

At first it was probably due to confusion about the Deadly Boss Mods timers. Not really sure when to do it.

As the night went on, I think I figured out that there was a long DBM timer for Blast Nova Cooldown, followed by an 11 second timer for Casting Blast Nova.

I started my countdown of "Clicking in...3...2...1...click" as soon as that 11-second timer started.

Doing it that way, we interrupted twice, but all other times, failed and wiped.

I'm thinking it was down to execution, rather than a badly timed countdown, because I started looking for the purple beams to show up and wasn't seeing all 5, so somebody was messing up.

Best attempt was Maggy to 75% after 3 Blast Novas (first two successfully interrupted), so I think we have all the raid-wide stats and ability, just need to master the clickery.

Gonna try again Monday night, so hopefully we'll get another 25 together and really try this out.

Probably will try with a different set of Clickers. Not the ideal players, because I'd ultimately want these folks to be all-out DPS'ing, but until we figure out how to properly interrupt Blast Nova, we may have to try something drastic.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Amava,

The first few times we did Mags we had the same problem until we ran with half a T6 guild who showed us how they did it.


The DBM count down will time until Blastwave is available. Do not click during that time. Don't click at 0 on that counter. Get your RL (who can see Mag's cast bar of course) to watch for the cast. You'll see him start to cast it (DBM will give you an idea when it will be) and you'll have plenty of time. When he sees the cast have your RL say click on. Clickers click exactly once. When Mags is banished, RL says click off. No-one should click on or off except when told. You shouldn't miss provided you also do step 2.


Assign 2 people per cube. Do not have them just stand by the cube and not dps (once he starts doing his cave in if people are on the cubes they could wipe the raid). When DBM counter gets to about 10-15 seconds have your RL say clickers to your cubes. All the clickers go over. You'll have some spare tanks. These guys will be your clickers. Hunters and locks (good health ranged dps'ers) should also be good. Make sure you assign one person who is cluey to each cube. Have them both try to click on the cube (race for it).

If you can get 4 channellers down before Mags pops you should be able to get him down. Mags isn't a dps race kind of fight. The first time we did it, it took nearly 20 minutes but we got there. Remember to stop dps just before the shatter.

Good luck with it