Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More random thoughts: selling cloth

Seems that something went crazy with the market for Netherweave Cloth on the Terokkar AH.

Netherweave Cloth used to be a staple, list it for the Auctioneer Recommended value, sells every time. Maybe a random dry spell here or there when no buyers are around.

But its gone insane now. I'm listing such that the price leaves me making only a small profit over the alternative of making Heavy Netherweave Bandages and reaping 6g per stack by vendoring those.

And nothing is selling.

I've got two entire Guild Bank tabs filled with Netherweave Cloth.

That's quite a bit of cloth. One tab is on purpose, as I was saving it in case I ever decided to keep expanding Amava's family and leveling up her Priesty brother's tailoring. The other tab is just housing all the expired AH listings.

Its the damn Isle of Quel'Danas, I tell ya.

Curse that place, its flooding the market with too much cloth.

I suppose I'll have to see if any guildies need it, and if not, just put Amava on autopilot, making stacks and stacks of bandages.

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Geek Gmr said...

Let me suggest this..

As I have leveled tailoring and can tell you netherweave is AWESOME now that its cheap as the dickens..

You need about 2500 pieces of netherweave cloth to level it. Thats it. NOW.. if you have a enchanter friend.. There are a few 300ish level tailoring patterns that DE VERY well into shards and a buttload of dust.. yes.. a BUTTLOAD. I would suggest this.. get about 3k netherweave and send it to a friend who "owes you one" and have them make it into BOLTS of netherweave.. for the space.. ya know? Then start dumping stuff. This will help you with netherweave sales too (as on medivh bolts of netherweave sell for more than just NETHERWEAVE.

Just a thought...
-Mcgoo @ Medivh