Friday, August 22, 2008

Guild-Funded Respec Costs & Repair Costs

Quick thought of the day.

Other than the big respecs, such as asking an excess Paladin tank to respec Holy for a raid, I never really ask players to do anything with their specs. Even when I do ask, I make sure the player knows that it is actually an option for them to say NO and its no hard feelings.

Last night, I was faced with a raid containing 4 Hunters, 3 Rogues, and 1 Fury Warrior.

Lots of physical DPS.

I had no Expose Weakness in the raid.

With all that heavy physical DPS, I wanted EW.

I asked the Hunter with the highest Agility to respec Survival to pick up EW.

I was left wishing that Blizzard would implement an easy to use feature to allow the Guild to pay for that.

Sure, the Guild Bank has some options for paying for repairs, and the guy could withdraw the gold directly.

I'd like it if I could give out a token to the guy. Redeemable for One Guild Funded Respec. And I'd give another for a free return trip.

If they gave a feature like this, we could keep the gold withdrawals limited to only a few toons, which is protection against hacked accounts or plain old ninja activity, while still retaining the ability to let the Guild fund activities like this.


Geek Gmr said...

I hear that.

My guild has let any ole' joe blow spec "me" run with them even to BT. However more guilds than not are serious about having specific specs for specific fights. I have heard of having a guy being ported to SW only to be summoned back to the instance after a respec, in the same raid!!

I have heard there are changes to respec'ing in WotLK and I am eager to see what this will be. Having switched from destro/demo/affy in a few weeks I think a change is necessary.

Morane said...

Couldn't you just email/trade the other player the cash from your personal wallet? Or am I being dense?