Tuesday, October 9, 2007

What I'm Looking For

I figure I should pay tribute to another outstanding site, The Egotistical Priest.

Not just priest focus here, lots of general background. My particular favorite is her writeup of a 5-man grouping.

Quite honestly, my previous vent about wanting to find instance groups for pre-70 toons should probably be altered. What I really want is a guild that has leadership who subscribe to Ego's school of thought.


'Nuff said?

So many PUGs, and even inexperienced guilds, give all these reasons and excuses for why you need such-and-such fancy team makeup, or why you can't survive without 2 rogues, or why its OK for leather-wearing DPS factories to go nuclear with no regard for threat/aggro.

I know we could pwn an instance that's at, or a drop below, our lvl with leather tanks, because the mobs burn down so quickly, that a heal or two is all it takes to survive. Hell, at this point, if one of my guildies is even able to steal aggro from my Teddy, he's lucky. And, if a leather tank feels she's taking too much damage, she just pops in a couple more combo moves and, poof, the mob's dead and its all good.

Now, I can't speak from experience because I haven't been there yet :-( but excellent posts like Ego's sure seem to indicate that the holy trinity of tank/healer/dps is something every newbie should be taking to heart.

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pelides said...

Well, if you want to have the highest chance of success in a 5 man, the tank, healer, CC/dps, cc/dps, dps is your best best. Tried and true.

Once you get the hang of the instances though, you can start playing with the group composition and make it more challenging. My old gang and I used to do the screwiest Scholo and Strat runs. No casters one run. No plate then next. You name it.

The big benefit of doing it "the wrong way" is that you learn new ways of playing your toon. Playing in a "safe" group just won't teach you those skills.

I'm a big proponent of "learning how to do it right then throwing out the rulebook and doing it all wrong".

Sort of a learn to walk before you run philosophy... but get to the running part fast. It's a lot more fun!