Monday, October 8, 2007

Another WoW Blog! Woweee!

Hi. Welcome to yet another World of Warcraft blog. Why on earth do we need one of these?

Answer: we don't. Especially not one centered around hunters. Lordy know, there's already some good ones out there for hunters.

But, I'm doing one anyways.

This blog is targeted a little differently, at least for now.

Having joined WoW about two and a half months ago, I'm currently lvl'ing my first toon. Amava the Night Elf Hunter on the Terokkar server. As of this writing, she's 49, and should hit 50 in a couple of hours.

This blog is dedicated at my adventures and personal struggles with how this whole process of learning the game, level grinding, and most importantly, social interactions, is working.

The title of the blog "Amava Knows Aggro" is a bit misleading. You might read it and think that it means that I have a good understanding of threat and how mobs choose their targets. Honestly, that's about half of what I know of aggro. And other than the occasional personal account, you won't get too much factual information here that you can't get from MUCH better sources.

The other half I know is that aggro stands for aggravation, or something along those lines. Now there's something I know a lot about. Tons of fun in this game, no doubt about it. A different activity to do for any mood that you're in on any given day or hour.

But there's a handful of things I have beef with, especially as a newbie who's just getting to know how all this stuff works, and has not yet reached the end game and the whole new world that opens up (and beefs that come with it).

In summary, if this blog serves as nothing than a personal vent, then I've succeeded. If it means anything more to you, then outstanding, drop me a line.

So, welcome to yet another WoW blog!


Kestrel said...

Welcome to the Bloggerhood. :) And we can't have TOO many hunter blogs!

Dale said...

Terrokar hey? Me and a friend have recently started playing wow for our first time (I'm a hunter, hes a priest) and we'll be playing again come the end of October. We're on Terrokar as well, I'll drop you a line when we're online again. Nice to see that we're not the only new people playing wow out there. said...

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