Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Quick Pick in Un'Goro

Collecting super sticky tar in northern Un'Goro yesterday, I stumbled upon a random other guy. We both needed to kill dinosaurs for some quests, and he wanted some leather, so we grouped up. He said "lets head to the center of the volcano for some valuable fire stuff".


We spent 40 minutes or so farming the volcano, I got my 9 pieces of ash for a quest, 4 hearts of earth, a whole bunch of rich thorium veins (mining up to 282, thank you very much), and assorted other stuff. Mo Money!

I don't know if you consider it a PUG because it was just two of us and we weren't in an instance, just out farming/grinding. But it was pretty cool. Really quickly, we got into a rhythem and worked pretty well together. Ended up playing together for about 3 hours or so, grinding away and collecting gatherables and drops.

Plus, while we were out there, Teddy turned 50, so I taught him Growl 6. Very nice, I have a tough time stealing aggro from him now. I can do it if I lay pretty heavy on the arcane/multi shots, but for just plain autoshot, he mostly holds aggro. BRK's post for today is all about growl/claw/bite, so I might experiment tonight with turning claw off to see if it gives Teddy more focus for more growls, to hold more aggro so I can hit harder to make up for the lost DPS of the bites. Did I get that right? I'll have to try it out. When I turn into the Big Red Me, and really lay into the special shots with the discounted mana charge, I tend to steal aggro from Teddy, but then I just tank for a drop until I turn back into the Little Purple Me (keep your mind out of the gutter), and then stop attacking & hold still, and then Teddy regains aggro.

Of course, continuing on my quest for more structured 5-man instances before I turn 70, I asked the guy about his guild. He said they're pretty laid back, and run instances when people ask. Meh. Ok, so no scheduled events. He said there's about 4 of them in their 50's in the guild, so maybe I'll pst him tonight to see if they want to run ZF. I want my carrot on a stick.

Oh yeah, and I dinged 800g! Double Gatherer, FTW!


pelides said...

Welcome to the club Amava!

I've been playing for over 2.5 years now and my hunter is my pride and joy. Enjoy leveling your first toon and don't worry too much about what you should and shouldn't be doing. Your first toon is about exploring and learning the game. Once you hit 70 and can start doing all the end game stuff, the game changes and your goals become more focused and obsessing over where to put talent points becomes an obsession.

Go run around the world... go where you're not supposed to be. Tackle mobs you have no right to attack... wipe and do it again.

Honestly, it's the most fun you'll have in the game until you start raiding and get insanely geared up and then start doing loony things all over again because you have nothing else better to do between raids!

Jesse said...

Great blog! My main is a priest, and I really love my level 40 hunter, but I'm a complete tard and have no clue how to play him.

I think I'm at the spot you were pre-hunter awakening. Hopefully I'll learn from you and BRK and others.

Grumpy said...

nice blog!. Glad to see I am not the only Hunter blogging about his/her pre-TBC days. Have fun leveling, Outlands will be a blast!

Anonymous said...

Wow: 800g on your *first* WoW toon at level 50? :) I haven't got that much after several!

Of course, I've always been a big spender, especially on alts, but you *must* have some experience in WoW, if not personally, at least "2nd hand" experience! No "noob" wow player will get to 50 with 800g on their bank! (Or will they?)

Anyway, welcome to the blogging community and, above all, wow BM hunters! :)

I took the liberty of checking your talents, and I wouldn't discard Animal Handler so easily: 4% less miss on your pet means 4% less intimidation misses, 4% less initial aggro misses, and 4% more pet DPS which, as you should know, equates to roughly 1% more total DPS since BM pets account for 40% of pet+hunter total DPS...

If you have a pet with Dash/Dive/Charge, you can safely loose Bestial Swiftness: just pick a group of at least two or three mobs and when you move over to a new group, the pet is out of CD already...

Amava said...

Thanks, everybody (and somebody), for all the comments. I appreciate the feedback and time you spend reading my stuff.

Yep, this is my first toon, and the dough really seems to be pouring in.

I actually only know one person in RL who plays WoW (and I dont even know her, she's a friend of a RL friend who I know through email. funny world we live in).

Around lvl 26 she gave me 2 pieces of advice that are the cornerstone of my wow economic independence.

Hmm...sounds like a decent idea for a blog entry.