Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Tuesday Mornings

Well, I guess I know that tuesday mornings will be blog writin' time. Why don't they reboot the servers at the same time each week? Some tuesday mornings it feels like I've got a little time to check my auctions, farm for some herbs and mineral veins, run a small quest, or grind a few thousand XP. And, yes, I'm still lvl'ing so XP matters more to me than daily reputation quests. Other tuesday mornings, I wake up, feed the dog, then log in and find out that reboot went a few hours earlier than I had expected.

Or is it that I woke up a few hours later than I had expected?

In some things, I am very open to accepting that I'm wrong and want to learn how to improve. Regarding my wake up time and how realm reboot status interferes with my morning, I'm stubbornly sticking to my position...I want my server up when I'm up. Simple.

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