Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Busy Beaver

I actually have no clue where to start with this post. It actually hasn't been that long since my last post, but [A] my last post was written a day or two before I actually posted it (silly employeer-imposed firewalls) and [B] even when it was written, it was about content that was a day or two old. Add to that, the fact that I was sick last week and spent most of the time wrapped up in a blanket and 3 sweatshirts at my computer, and quite a bit has transpired since my last posting.

I'll give the rundown of accomplishments here, so you can look and say "ohh" and "ahh" and be generally unimpressed. But this is my sort of log for lvling and other stuff like that, for my purposes as well as your reading (dis)pleasure.

Get your bell out and start banging.
  • Ding - joined new guild
  • Ding - 1500g - actually 1600, but at this rate I'll only be dinging the 1000's and 500's
  • Ding - 59
  • Ding - 60
  • DING - Epic Mount
  • Ding - 61
  • Ding - 375 first aid skill
  • Ding - 62
  • Ding - Steady Shot - what a wonderful addition to my arsenal
  • Ding - 1400g - I wanted to get to say Ding 1500, but came up just a hair short on mondays morning :-(
  • Ding - first entry on my "ignore" list - lvl 11 gold beggar in SW who was spamming "greedy" when I said "no"

I also wanted to get to say "Ding 375 Herbalism", but I guess I'll have to go find two Felweeds tonight.

Of all these accomplishments, my favorite has to be that epic mount. So nice to be crusing around at a fast pace. Makes the good old days of running around on my feet seem like my parents describing walking barefoot, through the snow, up hill both ways, to get to school.

So with the new guild being a semi-nurturing environment, and the novelty of the Outlands, I'm a big fan of WoW right now.

The silly littany of dings is over, and coming soon...three gems for your reading pleaseure:
The first is about my first encounter with Outlands instances and loot. One about a BM Hunter getting some respect. And the last is about some PUG experiences I had this weekend.

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