Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sweet Sweet Validation

Well, well, well. Isn't it just a good day for Amava?

Got my first non-spambot comments posted on my blog, with lots of good, constructive feedback, both regarding my character and my writing.

Got some front-page attention on blogs from authors I have a great deal of respect for. w00t!!!
Thank you all, and I hope to keep the good times rolling.

/cast [target=me] LovinLife

Now that the reasons for happiness are out of the way, you want to know what got my aggro up?

My Ankh of Life didn't sell :-(

Not surprising, because its the first one my server has seen in ages, so I took the opportunity to mark things up a drop over Thottbot's suggestion. Might not sell till the weekend, but on my drive home I was thinking that that would be some nice icing on the cake. Ok, its not the first time I've had an auction expire, and won't be the last.

Back to the positive side of things...

Ding 51. Kept grinding away in Un'Goro. There's lots of 50-55 mobs in the central part of the zone, so lots of XP to be had for a 50. Plus the random roaming elite tyranosaurus to keep you on your toes. For fun, I would pull 3 or 4 at a time, to see if I could handle it. Not too shabby, only over extended myself twice during the night (had things under control, until the roaming elite got me, both times). It definitely is more exciting when you've got to think on your toes switching between freezing mobs, directing your pet/tank to keep switching mobs so he holds aggro through your multi-shots and rotating serpent stings, and the ever pleasing bestial wrath/beast within.

More positive thoughts.....

Sold my first full stack of Thorium bars. Sold within minutes of posting on AH. Ding 17g. Mo Money! Plus got 3 Arcane Crystals while mining. 2 off of the same Rich Thorium Vein. Had a brief struggle with a Horde hunter ninja looter in a cave in Un'Goro. Well, the jury is still out as to who the ninja was. Technically, I was already in the cave when he showed up, and I was tied down with 3 gorillas. He tried to ninja past me and got bogged down by 1 gorilla. So I slammed on the bestial wrath and left Teddy to handle the gorillas, while I slipped past the Horde guy. I'm not sure if that qualifies as ninja looting, since I was just claiming what I think was mine before he ninja'ed me.

Of course I felt bad, so I only took a swing at the vein to get the skill point, and then only looted the first hunk of Thorium that came off, thus eliminating any self-judgement of being a ninja. Un'Goro is by far the most competitive, ninja-filled zone I've come across yet. I should have known, since all the mining guides out there make reference to that fact.

Thanks all for reading, and many more to come!!!

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