Saturday, October 20, 2007

I need +dodge_drama bonus

Not a whole lot going on over here at this point. Although I want to go on and on about the guild drama that has now infected my guild, I probably won't. Just suffice it to say that signs are pointing towards this weekend being a pretty cool one, either with major fireworks and electronic fist fights, or perhaps just a /gquit and some inner peace. But I'm committed to having fun, so which ever way it turns out, cool. If its interesting enough, I'll tell you about it next week.

Plus, I got a new little TV to put next to my WoW computer, so I can watch tonight's hockey game while playing.

Only real big accomplishment from yesterday I suppose is dinging 55. No new spells or training, what with it being an odd numbered lvl, but it did open up the new Impact Shot ammo, which gives me a couple more DPS, so that's nice. Of course, my mule who usually buys the bullets for me and mails them to me when I can't find a vendor nearby cant seem to buy these bullets in SWC, so I'm not sure if you need certain rep to buy them, or if that vendor (The Empty QUiver) just doesn't sell them. I'll have to look into that. For now Amava just bought a ton of them and mailed them to the mule, and he's keeping them in a bank bag for when they're needed.

I'm hoping for some cool instancing friday night. The past 2 fridays have had some cool guild instance runs, and perhaps through the drama a few of us will still group up, otherwise its LFG for me. I've got a hunter's quest going in the Sunken Temple that gives a choice of 3 really sweet rewards, so I'm not sure what I'll pick. 2 of them are trinkets, which I really have no idea how to use. When I see "pop the trinket", my mind usually takes a few minutes to get out of the gutter, but then once out, I still have no idea what it means. Back to that ignorance thing :-) So perhaps some action in the temple will help set my mind at ease.

On an editorial note.....Was yesterday's post too harsh? Perhaps. I got some feedback both from the comments, and other sources, and thank you all for speaking up. I do like to hear your opinion. Regarding the harsh-ity, the jury is still out. I'm all on board with having fun, and its just a game, and everybody has fun their own way. Yeah, cool, I get it. I have fun doing things that other people find strange, unusual, and down right smelly. I guess my angst is focused at people who choose to have "fun" with non-gold producing activities, but then turn around and act all surprised that they can't get a mount. And the people who are short on funds, and are totally comfortable with that, well, I respect those people, because they're having fun and accepting the consequences that come with it. A rare skill.

Actually, my angst should more properly focused at my guild and its present state of complete and utter drama and immaturity, so something like the mount and gold situation just hit me right on the un-funny bone.

In any event, keep on truckin, and when I'm passing your lvl 43 un-mounted tushie on my sporty Spotted Frostsaber, I'll remember to give you a /wave and remind myself that you're having fun ;-)

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Anonymous said...

One thing you should also keep in mind is that, though you're most happy with your double gathering strategy, if everyone were to adopt it, you'd be screwed. You think you have competition for veins/herbs now? It'd completely ruin the entire balance of supply and demand, the entire economy would collapse.

Besides, doing nothing but gathering gets REALLY boring after a while.

On the other hand, I don't know a single person who acted surprised when they were unable to afford something, so I guess that would be pretty annoying.

Looks like you quit your guild. Yay!