Thursday, October 11, 2007

Loksey Takes a Dive

For fun, went to solo in Scarlet Monastery.

I've had a quest to kill 4 bosses there for 10 levels or so now, with 3 of them killed. My guild hasn't been to SM in weeks, and nobody on last night wanted to go. So I went into the Library solo. I think it was the Library. Either way, its the one with Houndmaster Loksey, and he was the dude I had to get.

I barely could aggro the trash outside the instance without directly engaging them in combat, so I felt pretty cocky. Went into the instance, and pulled about 6 trash mobs in the first hall way. Single person wipe. Ok, so I'll have to be a drop more careful. From then on, didn't pull more than 3 at a time, and it was easy-mode.

Got to Locksey. Did a quick strategy plan in my mind. Its Loksey and 3 dogs. I figured I'd try to freeze two dogs, and have Teddy tank the remaining 2 who weren't frozen. I dropped my first trap and let the cool down expire. Fired a Rank 1 Arcane Shot at 1 dog to pull. All 4 mobs come at me. Cool, going according to plan.

I have never frozen 2 mobs before, so I had no idea what to do next. As it would turn out, I dropped the second trap too soon and negated the first one, so only 1 dog froze. Ok, a little more tapdancing to get the two dogs off of me and onto Teddy, since Teddy already had aggro with Loksey. Good, now he's got the attention of all 3 non-frozen mobs. But they're all right in the middle of the room. So I shuffle off to the corner, and recall Teddy, and the mobs dutifully follow him, since they hate him, which works out nicely since he's serving as tank.

Sweet, they're nicely positioned in the corner, and so I can zip over to the diagonal opposite corner which is far enough range to use my gun. Pop Bestial wrath for good measure. Then the first dog thaws out and comes at me. I figure I'll tank him for a little bit to take the heat off of Teddy who is starting to feel the pain, even with mend pet on.

From then on, I allowed Teddy to be my MA and choose targets for me. Using my AssistTeddy macro, I just kept following him around as he and I burned first the two dogs on Teddy, then Loksey, then the dog on me.

Our health and mana wasn't too pretty by the end, but Teddy & I both lived and got Loksey's Training Stick (which I then dumped at the vendor). And I got a whole 400 XP for turning in the quest.

Good fun though, and a nice pile of silk for my tailor alt.


loronar said...

I just finished this quest! It was a pretty fun one going through most of Scarlet Monastery and all. I even met some new friends with whom I've been running the Cathedral section several times because one of the guys wanted the amulet drop from Whitemane.

pelides said...

Nice detail of your plan there! Even at level 50 or so, soloing bosses in SM should be a tad difficult especially with a litter of puppies to aid them!

Hey, your mana and health may have been low at the end of the fight, but the bosses was lower... and by lower I mean non-existent!

As we say in our guild, "A W's a W!"

Nice work! Just wait til the Devilsaurs start harassing you! Then you come back at 60 and take your revenge! And then come back again at 70 and take your revenge on King Mosh!

Sellia said...

Nice blog !
Keep up the good work. =)