Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Weekend to Remember

WoW, what a WoW weekend. Just so much going on this weekend, I've got to break my post into a few entries.

This first one is mostly is a listing of some of my fun achievements of the weekend (and monday night). I'm hitting this one first, so that the more interesting posts will be listed above it, so hopefully you'll read those and enjoy them, while this one is here for my own personal satisfaction of tracking how I lvl'ed up and stuff.

So get your bell out and start ringing...

Ding 52 - 6 quests and a 1-shot run through Zul'Faraak pretty much took care of 52 on Friday night
Ding 53 - A failed attempt at the Sunken Temple and then some grinding on a Hunter's quest in Azshara on Sunday morning nailed this one
Ding 54 - farming/grinding in Un'Goro (I love Thorium) and then questing in Felwood on Monday night

Ding 300 Mining - I love Thorium
Ding 300 First Aid - I made nearly 120 Heavy Mageweave Bandages to go from 299 to 300. It was still green, and I couldn't find any Runecloth (until I finally found eastern Azshara and Felwood, but that was after 300).

Ding 225 Enchanting - on my lvl 20 Dwarf Paladin alt. This guy just sits in Stormwind City, working the AH for Amava, and disenchanting any greenies that expire on AH twice in a row. And now I've got to lvl him up to 35 so I can go Artesian. That's going to wait until Amava is 70, or until I get bored with lvl'ing.

Ding 900g - Friday night, got home from work, checked AH, surpassed 900. Then posted some new stuff and dropped below 900 because of AH deposit fees, so then on Saturday morning, 900 was solid and I didn't look back.

And my proudest moment of the weekend came Sunday night as a lvl 53, checking my email for AH results....

Ding 1000g - did I mention that I love Thorium?

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