Thursday, October 25, 2007

Are we there, Yeti?

The last thing that stood out as fun from my wow-ing this weekend was a truely entertaining experience, and I really want to thank Blizz for including stuff like this.

For me, most of the draw to WoW is the challenge and scope of the universe. Sure the visuals and sound are cool, and the game play is enjoyable. But the thing that gets me logging back in again and again is that challenge of getting just one more skill point in mining, or completing just one more quest, or running another dungeon because I want a piece of gear to drop. And so on. Mix in just enough socialization to keep life interesting, and they've got us hooked.

Then I went to Winterspring, and ran into a quest chain that reminded me of just what I'm here for: entertainment.

In Everlook, there's a quest chain that starts with gathering Yeti furs. The drop rate is pretty poor, but the Yetis are right next to the town, and there's a bunch of Icecap and Thorium near by, so you can keep shuttling back to the town to empty your bags. Plus, as a lvl 57 (and then dinged 58 while grinding the yetis) there was ok XP to be had. And as always, grinding humanoids is good because they drop silvers.

A quick read on thottbot shows a ton of complaints about the first two quests in the chain because of miserable drop rates on these Yetis. Its true, I had to kill tons and tons of them. First gather their furs. Then gather their horns.

But, unbeknownst to me, there was a gem waiting at the end.

The third leg of the quest chain has you take a little mechanical yeti companion pet and travel all over Azeroth using it to scare goblins. You find the goblin who needs a good scare, whip out the yeti, and follow them around as they chase eachother all over. Just plain fun. No point to the quest, just run around scaring people with a yeti.

I was laughing the entire time, enjoying true entertainment value. Plus you get a 3-charge mechanical yeti defender pet as a reward. So I took this family photo.


pelides said...

That was always one of my favorite quest lines! Just wish the Yeti would have stuck around longer.

loronar said...

I saw a goblin npc in Gadgetzan running around trying to get away from his Yeti. Kinda got a glimpse of what they look like. :P

Cool stuff!

Kestrel said...

Once upon a time, 3 of us in our upper 50s or lower 60s (probably the latter) took our mechanical yetis to Scarlet the Altar room.

We set them down then watched all hell break loose. Two of us were hunters, and we also had our pets on Aggressive.

OMG...has to be the funniest thing I've seen yet in game! Someday, I want to take some of those yetis to Gnomeregan....*evil, wicked, I'm-gonna-get-even grin*