Monday, February 9, 2009

Stealth Nerf

Short Version

Explosive Shot got kicked in the bean bag.

I normally try to just roll with the changes as they come, and make the best of situations.

But this is starting to get annoying and distracting.

Medium Version

So I take a day or two off from reading blogs.

Then I raid Patchwerk.

DPS decreased by 15% from the previous week. Brass's DPS down 10% over previous week.

So I turn into an emo b12ch.

Then the next day I read some blogs and find out there was a stealth nerf to Explosive Shot.

I'm still emo.

TL;DR Version

Thursday night. Naxxramas speed run, hoping to shave a few minutes off of our time to clear the full place. (just about 2:55, if you don't count the silly, avoidable, due-only-to-ppl-not-remaining-calm-in-the-face-of-some-bad-luck wipe on KT).

Naxx nights are always fun because I love repeating the same dungeon again and again for months Patchwerk is a good place to assess my performance.

No gear or spec changes this week, so the comparison would only be assessing how much tighter my SV shot-priority rotation has gotten over the past week.

I even brought Haste Potion same as last week, based upon the helpful suggestion of one of the commenters on my beloved blog.

Everything seemed to go perfectly. Well, I think I blew one Lock and Load proc, overriding the last tick of one of the Explosive Shots. Also think I had one GDC where I let Serpent Sting expire. But lets not get picky, generally a good performance, IMO.

Dead boss.

/recount toggle

4.1K DPS


Last week was a nice and tight 4.8K DPS.

What about Brass? Always good to have his numbers to compare with. He's down from 5.1K to 4.6K.


Neither one of us had any idea what the deal was.

For the rest of the night, Brass actually kicked major ass, showing Blizzard what he thinks of the damn nerf. My output was pretty meh, but I did get a new belt which will let me re-do a few gems and get some more agility kicking which is pretty big. But not enough to justify how much I suck compared to what's possible to output.

Then I have a slow day at work read some blogs and wowinsider, and discover that tuesday's reboot contained a stealth (unannounced) nerf to Explosive Shot.

Enough to justify a 10-15% decrease in overall DPS?

If it were just my numbers, I'd just figure I was a noob. But when both hunters see a marked decrease, you know something's up.


Tholar said...

Amava buddy, 4.1k? You better get goin, my hunter alt is rockin 3.7k with 5 blues and a smattering of 10 man/heroic epics. If good ol' kishi can actually find a way to kill a few bosses here and there, I am going to pass you up!

Amava said...

Tholar! Good to hear from ya!

We all know you're a better player, so it doesn't surprise me your hunter is rockin :-)

That said, the 4.1k pissed me off, and is hopefully an anomaly that I plan to fix this week. We shall see.

Strangely enough, the new guild has a rogue named Drolar, so I was wondering if that was you incognito :-)

Tholar said...

Drolar huh? Can't say I've heard of him. I have enough toons to keep track of on Terokkar, I can't be raiding over there too!