Thursday, February 12, 2009

One Example of Guild Reputation

What follows is basically just a story of selling two titansteel cooldowns, with a little guild-ego stroking mixed in. If you find that boring, /shoo

Reputation is a tricky thing. It takes consistent behavior observed over a period of time to build a positive reputation, and a single bad event can crumble what takes months to build.

This holds true for individuals, families, small groups of people, and even large corporations.

Companies spend enormous energy trying to build up their reputation or brand value. Its brand value alone that lets Tylenol charge more for the exact same pill that your local pharmacy sells a generic version for dirt cheap.

A Business Deal

Although I enjoy reading about the economic practices of Goblins, I'm definitely not one myself.

I make my wow-gold by gathering while I'm out and about doing what ever it is that I'm doing. And "what ever it is that i'm doing" is often daily questing, which only further divides my activities from the efficient gold/hour numbers that Goblins are capable of.

However, even I recognize the value of a daily cooldown.

Smelt Titansteel

I should probably be using my Titansteel cooldowns to save up mats to boost my gf with an epic shadow priest mace.

But, I'll deal with that when I get to it, and I'm about 20 blacksmithing points away from needing to worry about that.

In the meantime, there's always somebody willing to pay good money for a cooldown.

One such fella barks on /trade, he and I arrange a get together at the Dalaran forge.

Badda bing, badda boom, he's got his steel, I've got my gold. Smell ya later.

But then a happy moment comes along.

Oh, cool, titanium

The uber gf was out and about doing whatever it is that girls that play wow like to do, and she's a miner, and came across a titanium node and mined it.

Go you!

Wait a tick? I thought titanium required 450 maxed mining. When did you ding that?

This morning

Ah, gratz. Wait another tick? Wanna make some gold? (digital pimpin', ftw)

My happy customer from just moments ago, as it would turn out, is interested in one more Titansteel.

So she scoots back to Dalaran, he trades over the mats.

Like a Bat out of Hell

And what he sees next is....the toon he just traded a hundred or so gold worth of mats with...she bolts like a bat out of hell out into Dalaran.

WTF? or at least that's probably what was going through his head as he trotted off to follow her.

You see, having just dinged 450 that morning, she hadn't trained to smelt titansteel yet. And in a brain fart, rather than just talk to the mining trainer right here, she decided to wander deeper into the city.

So I reassure him what she's up to, so please don't worry.


It was his answer that made the ape-subroutines ingrained in my genes smile....

I'm not worried, I respect your guild. I dont think she'd stiff me.

And she didn't. Two seconds later, she's trained up in steel, he's got his product, she's got her money. Smell ya later.

Sure, we're not talking about world-changing stuff like the brand value of Google or Nike, but the guild's reputation did keep things calm in a situation where the customer might have started crying "NINJA!!!"

Its all about respect, and it looks like we're doing something right.


Sydera said...

Way to go, guild reputation!

And Amiva, you can't convince the goblin to say things that make sense. Maybe together we can annoy him into submission, just through the force of our human decency and rationality. It seems like the Conquest bloggers have a war on our hands that we didn't even ask for. I mean really, who starts shit just because people are nice?

Kimbo said...

You guys are too nice

Amava said...

@syd - We are vocal about how we use cooperative efforts to achieve the results we want in-game as a team. His reaction is behavior like an insecure bully, lashing out with personal insult and slander.

Posts like his recent one add nothing of value to the debate between a cooperative approach vs a selfish approach, all he has done is flung insults and accused me of lying.

I doubt anybody'd ever convince GG of anything, let alone annoy him, we're just Morons & Slackers in his mind, which is amusing.

He can make gold, but he cannot find a group of raiders that will tolerate him. So he attacks people who have found happiness in successful team.

Keeva said...

The ape subroutines reference made me giggle :)

Keeva said...

The goblin is starting to annoy me lately, to be honest. So little gold-making info, but rather a bunch of nit-picking of other people, especially if their posts are about being nice.

He seems to be very strongly against being nice because being nice won't make you rich - and can't understand that we aren't being nice to try to get repeat business or something - we're being nice because we enjoy helping people.

But, he did say a few posts ago that he had run out of money ideas since he had so little competition on his realm. Maybe in his case, boredom leads to looking for things to pick apart and criticise.

I might occasionally pick a topic someone else has posted on and disagree with it.. but lately he seems to be hunting for blog posts (and or bloggers?) to attack.. rather than making posts that are relevant to his own blog. He tries to tie these attacks in with the theme of his blog, but it's really stretching things.

It's tiresome because I used to enjoy reading his blog for the content I expected, but now it seems to be about everyone else's blogs! As a few comments on that particular post said - all he seems to do these days is rant about his beliefs (predominantly that being nice is a waste of time) - where's the real content?

I'm with you guys. I love doing things out of kindness, and helping people for absolutely no personal reward. He doesn't get that - so he attacks it because there must be something wrong with being nice for "nothing".

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