Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Will Survive

How does one follow up after last week's shenanigans?

Continue to muddy things up with additional conflict?

Describe the outstanding experience of a boosting run through Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle this weekend where the boostee may or may not have contributed to a few wipes (*), and yet the tone on vent was light, fluffy, and full of laughter and win?

Share two additional reputation-based anecdotes from the weekend (one where positive rep caused gain, another where poor rep caused loss/closed opportunity)?

Tell the tale of a PuG run (no uber gf) where two DPS'ers were below the tank and yet we still managed to clear Heroic Nexus in 32 minutes without any wipes, beating the Raid ID reset timer by 7 minutes allowing a second follow-up run, thus efficiently grinding gear, emblems, faction rep, and hunter pet xp?

Go passive/aggressive by floating teasers about several occasions where cooperative play led to fun, gear/economic gain, or both? (mabye, just a little bit).

Nothing to see here, folks

Nah, I'm gonna take the advice of several people I respect and just move along. Nothing to see here!

What to do then? How about a tribute post linking to a funny page, followed by a review of the most recent seasonal event (see next post)?

/voice [Karazhan Chess Piece that kinda sounds like George Takei] on
Sounds fine.
/voice off

So, first on the agenda: tribute.

Here's a recent outstanding parody song over at BRK. Very well done, sung to the tune of Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive, captures the inner conflict amongst the Hunter community quite nicely.

Go go go, read....nay.....sing that post now.

(*) Oh, and for the record, it was actually the boosters who caused the wipes not the boostee (one was specifically me not getting it through my thick head when the healer asked for "hunter take out the witch doctors", but I digress), but its moot because the end result was a fun hour or so of play time for five people.

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