Tuesday, February 10, 2009

PvP and Q.Q.Quickies

Spent a good portion of my WoW time this weekend in BG's, in Wintergrasp, and leveling up some alt professions. The following is a series of quickes celebrating the fun and whining about the bad. Same as always.

1) Do you have Emblems of Valor just burning a hole in your pocket? - Why not deck yourself out in Hateful Gladiator gear? The full set will run you quite a few tokens, but it seems that the T8 dungeons will have a new type of currency, Emblems of Conquest, so you likely will not be stinging yourself if you blow Valor on PvP gear. Somebody please bookmark this post and throw it in my face when I qq that I need to save up a million Valors later.

2) How bout Wintergrasp? - Assault is fun, feels like William Wallace laying siege to York. Defense if fun-ish. If you manage to get one of the guns, its fun for the first 10 seconds before they focus fire you. Other than that, hiding in the fog of lag war and taking out siege vehicles and healers is pretty cool. And the best part is, you can very quickly build up tokens to buy gloves and boots for PvP.

3) Mages who think they are cute...aren't. - I haven't fell for this one yet, as I'm pretty weary of any player-made portal I click on, however, you are guaranteed to find at least two false portals right on top of the WG portal in Dalaran. This is pure asshattery and if a player takes your Theramore portal and has his hearth on cooldown, you've directly caused him to be unable to participate in Wintergrasp. This should be ban-able, IMO.

4) Druids are unstoppable. - No joke. Resto Druids are unstoppable in battlegrounds. I've seen one take on 4 dps focus fire him, and just sit there healing through it, not dipping in health at all, and 20 minutes later went OOM. If you ignore him and DPS somebody else, he just heals that guy through the damage. I'm crying OP, damn it! :-)

5) Strand of the Ancients - Good clean fun here. I like this one. However, its still subject to the coconuts-who-just-grind-HK-in-the-middle-of-nowhere problem. Seriously, they need to come up with some way to reward behaviors that are tied to Strategic Victory. However, they'd also need to reward Defenders for kills in the middle of nowhere, because that ties up the offense, and is therefore Strategic. Not easy, but I credit Blizzard with being able to solve difficult problems, despite their inability to calmly and smoothly bring Hunter DPS to the level that they think is appropriate. /cry

?) Ride the Tanks - WG or SotA. Ranged DPS and Healers, jump the F on the back of those tanks. And kill/heal stuff. So. Much. Fun. Unless the driver of your tank is one of those coconuts who hides behind stuff while the battle rages way up ahead and barely makes any impact. Jump off of those immediately.

6) Anybody know a good Resilience target to shoot for? - What's a reasonable amount of Resil? I think my set is around 580 or so with close to 22K health right now. I definitely take a while to kill, but I'm not sure if it'd be better to keep pushing resil, or would I be better off using any additional gems/enchants for DPS stats or pure stamina?

7) PvP as Survival = Fun - Ok, I definitely miss my big red get out of jail free card, but in a high mobility environment like PvP, I'm digging the Explosive Shot and Improved Stings / Noxious Stings. Word on the street is that I should gem for Attack Power over Agility, since AP improves Explosive Shot more, but I'm unsure. Any ideas?

8) Shadow or Heal? - Using a solo/heroic dungeon PvE Shadow Priest spec, what do you think is most effective in a Battleground: going shadowform and doing damage, or no shadowform and casting heals? Bottomline is the uber gf should do what's more fun, but I'm curious to hear what the community thinks is most effective.

9) The Spoils of Power leveling - Have you ever power leveled a profession? How about 8 at roughly the same time (lw, eng, bs, jc, alch, scribe, cooking x 2)? You end up with so much garbage. Mats you farmed/bought but didn't need, intermediary products you crafted but ended up not needing, all those stupid random inks and pigments, silly potions that nobody in their right mind would drink, foods that do nothing that you couldnt get from a vendor cheaper, random leathers that might have been useful when max level was 60, but now are garbage. Way too many bank slots and toon bags filled with his crap. And I'm too stingy to just decide to vendor half of it, and I take my time on the AH. Decent income, but massive annoyance factor.

10) Disengage - I had not cast disengage more than two or three times prior to this weekend. It is so fun. I highly recommend it, although the semi-unpredictable distance/direction is awkward at best.

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Durgan said...

I tend to use disengage quite often. Its a ton of fun to use and now that I'm attempting to trap dance its even more handy.

Run in, spam my immo trap-raptor-disengage button and then while I'm flying back I hit one of my instant shots (hopefully explosive so that I start on my LnL cycle). It looks really slick when you pull it off.

The extra raptor strikes and reg swings can add up if you get 4 or 5trap dancing attempts off.

The reason I say attempt is because I sometimes misjudge the hitbox on the boss, or I drop my trap right after I used explosive shot and so I'm still waiting for it to come off of cooldown, basically wasting the LnL proc.