Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Round and Round We Go

Short Version: Don't go AFK out in the world on a PvP server.

Medium Version: I can haz jump shot skillz. I nailed that f'ing warrior with countless Explosive Shot jumpers, while running circles around a little pile of dirt in Hellfire.

Long Version:

If you've been following along with my beloved blog, you might know that I'm not a big world PvP guy. Occasional (read: one) raid on Horde cities, occasional turf battle over a Titanium node (however, single click mining has taken most of the fun out of this one), and just generally defending myself when the enemy strikes.

So I'm out in Hellfire Peninsula, multiboxing to boost my jewelcrafter up to 65 so she can start doing the JC daily, and I'm over in the west part of the map. There's a Cenarion Expedition camp just south of the main road that runs horizontally across the zone (glory road?)

That camp sits immediately south of a small mound of dirt, and there's a quest NPC on top of the mound.

My lil JC turns in one of the quests, and I minimize the WoW screen to fiddle with iTunes and my level 80 and 62 toons are just sitting there waiting to be slaughtered.

While playing DJ and queueing up some music, I see out the corner of my eye on the other screen that some pain in my ass Horde warrior felt he didn't want any Alliance on that little hill.

By the time the WoW screen regained focus of my computer, my little baby 62 was dead, and Amava was at about 80% health.

Round and Round We Go

So clearly he's gonna whoop me. (A) I'm not that good at 1-on-1 pvp, (B) I'm wearing PvE gear so I've got zero resil and no trinket to get out of stuns, and (C) He's got a 20% health head start on me.

But, he's not going to get away without a fight.

Since I had been AFK, I think he was startled that I began evasive maneuvers.

What's the single most important resource in a fight between a Hunter and Warrior? Distance.

Wing Clip, Disengage, Frost trap, Run like the dickens

That little mound was just hysterical. I started running circles around it. Doing whatever I could to maintain distance.

Kite the bastard.

I was doing my normal Strafe-Kite routine, but it was leaving me unable to fire some of the time, due to the orientation of me not facing towards him enough.

And it dawned on me....Jump Shot.

I've been using jumpers more and more in PvE lately. Very useful in Malygos phase 2 when running from shield to shield, on Sartharion while maneuvering to get in safe spots in the flame wall, or on Heigan to keep doing damage while playing DDR.

But PvP? I've never really done it effectively so sorta gave up and stick to my strafing routine.

So I try the first one. Run directly away from him. Jump. Spin 360. Fire Explosive Shot while facing him.


And Lock-n-Load proc'ed off that first one. Happy Hunter :-)

So again and again. Running circles around that mound. Dropping frosty traps, mixing in concussive shot, keeping serpent sting ticking.

Explosive Jumpers galore.

Had him down to 10% before he finished me off.

I lost the fight, but , man, oh, man, was it a cool feeling to successfully execute some clean jump shots. I think I'm going to have to visit a few BG's and try this out some more.

If only I had been questing in PvP gear

My only regret was that I wasn't in PvP gear at the time. He was sooooo dead if I had my dancing shoes on.

Also, it was the first time I ever did a completely clean for-real jump shot on purpose in PvP, so if I was thinking right, I'd have kited him in a straight line all the way to Honor Hold instead of round and round that dirt hill. Whatcha gonna do? /shrug

But it was fun as hell. And he did the honorable thing and accepted his victory and went on his merry way rather than camping out.

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