Thursday, February 19, 2009


So I wrote up a post yesterday, all slap happy about how I finally got most of the crafting professions up to being able to make most of the stuff a Hunter or Shadow Priest need. Sure, one might argue that leveling Blacksmithing to really only create 4 or 5 belt buckles and one epic caster mace, Inscription to make a glyph or two and maybe dabble in darkmoon cards, Alchemy to make a couple of potions and elixirs, Engineering to maybe not even ever make any bullets before the ammo-changing patch, and LW to make 3 or 4 armor patches that'll get any personal use is rather costly and frivolous, but whatever. There's something fun about it.

Before posting, I did something unusual, I actually re-read it instead of just throwing it out the door and leaving it up to the readers to decide whether to jump ship after the first paragraph or two. Came out boring, even by my standards. So it shant see the light of day.

Then I tried to think of another topic.

Another description of a heroic PuG that had a total jabroni, who got kicked and replaced by a nice fella, and we looted some badges? Bah. Not enough drama to be story-worthy.

Do I write about clearing Heroic Sarth+3, Malygos, and 75% of Naxx in 3 hours? Efficient, yes. Good material for a story, no.

How about topping the meters on 4 Horsemen, which is only story-worthy because (A) with the team i'm in its rare enough, and (B) the nerfs have been pissing me off so its a smack in blizzard's face? No, (A) the attitudes on my team are cool enough that it really doesn't feed the ego, and there's only one guy who actually boasts when he's on top and we all hate when he does that, and (B) i still suck on many of the other fights, so this was probably an explosive-shot crit fiesta anomaly.

What about more ranting over the hit rating, and how I'm playing with a helm downgrade that lets me regem everything else resulting in a roughly 700 gold cost for essentially a side-grade that frees me of some these stupid +hit gems? Booooorrrrriiiinnng.

Anybody care that I raided with a Raptor instead of my lil kitty Princess Vespa? Likely not. Although he is from Arathi Highlands, one of my most sentimental places in Azeroth, which is nice for me, but boring for you.

Everything I came up with is not really story worthy.

So it got me to this sorta what WoW is going through right now? A doldrum?

Ulduar is set to come out some time soon-ish.

My guild will probably fiddle with it on the PTR, which I've never done before, so that might be interesting.

This is the first time in my WoW career where I'm progressing at or faster than the pace of content release. By the time I began raiding TBC, everything but sunwell was already in play, meaning that there was always content out of reach, and my raid never had the feeling of "ok, now what?", plus the content felt harder so we didnt get to the 3 hour kara farming runs for months, until everybody was geared in T5/6 equivalent gear from badges and pvp.

I'm definitely not bored in game. I'm hitting some heroics, seeking out some random achievements, playing with alt professions. A random battleground here or there, some wintergrasp when I'm in Dalaran and the event kicks off. Playing with the uber gf. Holiday Events. Farming herbs and ores, which is one of my favorite relaxations. So lots of activity and lots of fun.

I'm not one typically subject to writers block. Maybe that means I usually have low enough standards that I just brain dump and fling it out the door, but I wonder if there's something to it?

Anybody else feeling in limbo before Ulduar's release? Not bored, but just sorta in a holding pattern?


Daxenos said...


Anonymous said...

Hmm interesting point - I think most raiders are pretty goal orientated people - without an immediately obvious goal or a new challenge some of them kind of drift away.

Last nights 25 for example, because we finally had 3 raiding priests, just about everyone was on their mains - I can't remember the last time that happened.

As for the blog itself - back when you were raid leading there were quite a few posts on the how / why of a particular raid boss or instance. How your raid came together, the tales and triumphs of a casual guild.

Now your running with the big boys and by and large it looks like its running really smoothly. Consequently a lot of those topics are gone :)

Its like a unseen downside of rapid success - less to blog about on the way?


Amava said...

You make an interesting point, Silk. I only occasionally want to snipe at the leadership of the guild now. Back when I was the raid leader, there was plenty of cannon fodder to write about.

I still do think there's a correlation between the availability of un-farmed content and blogging excitement for me. Back in TBC, continuous content available due to our late start. In LK, lots of content, which then was defeated. When the new stuff comes out, I'm sure I wont be able to shut up about it :-)

Valdesta said...

I'm enjoying the Holding Pattern myself - it's giving me a chance to advance lowbies that I KNOW won't get much lovin' once Ulduar comes out.

So hey, I'm planning to go to the PTRs but my guild isn't, maybe we can meet each other in WoW-Person ;)

Valdesta / Shrimproll
WoWGrrl's Player blog

Anonymous said...

If your guild is going to the PTR you will be bored even faster once the contents hits the real servers.

Kolan said...

Interesting Amava.

Like you I was late to BC and there was so much content ahead that I was always striving for something. Now even with little in the way of RNG there is not much more left for my hunter main. Naax and heroics that have not required attunement, a guild that cleared BC up to Sunwell and has some reasonable players, all means that while EoE and Sarth +D remain a challenge the rest is ho hum.

I guess on the plus side my Warlock alt is already level 78.5 even though I left him until a couple of weeks ago to start. That gives me something else to do.

Somehow I miss the chalenge of Kara attunement without the assistance of highly geared guildies. I miss the adrenalin rush of that first foray into Kara knowing that everyone needed to be on their game.

Not to mention the excitement of SSC/MHJ or seeing BT for the first time.

I'm not l33t by any means but I play my class pretty well. But rolling into Naxx and just AoE tank and burn is not so exciting.

Maybe Uladar will fix this. I don;t know.

Amava said...

@anonymous ptr guy...I won't really call it "bored" because I'm still having lots of fun time and relaxation time in-game. But I do hear ya, PTR will only accelerate the onset of the phenomenon.

@Kolan...while kara attunement was a pain in the ass overall, I do remember how tough Slabs and Black Morass were before we had any kara/badge/heroic gear. That was pretty fun, but the memory is nearly lost since we were 3-manning heroic versions near the end of TBC without any fuss.