Friday, February 20, 2009

And then there was one....faction

Why is it that faction exalterations seem to come in groups for me? I've long had a history of dinging Exalted in various factions within a few days or so of eachother. And Northrend seems to be no different.

Kirin Tor. Do the daily cooking quest for a WHOPING 150 rep per day. That's just outstanding! Gonna ding that one in no time flat. But luckily, they giveth us the Tabard championing concept, so I wear the goofy Tor Tabard for a while, and bingo. Not sure what this brings besides cheeper repairs in Dalaran, but certainly appeals to the completionist.

Wyrmwrest Accord. Three dailies avaialble. Two reasonable ones (disrupt energy beam in dragonblight, harpoon a lil dragon in coldara and farm 3 stacks of cobalt and two stacks of tiger lily on the way over), and one hateful one (aces high. once you figure out how to survive malygos phase 3 more than 80% of the time, aces high can suck an egg). 500 rep per day from the reasonable ones is slow and steady. Throwing the Tabard into the heroic mix helps things along. Sat down yesterday, did the two reasonable ones, collected the nice stacks of ore, gems, crystalizeds, and herbs along the way. Found myself 37 points away from exalted.

So I caved and went Aces High. Long story short, if you see anybody else in the up. Two of us did the quest in no time flat, me DoT he HoT, ding exalted. And some other achievement for finishing off a bunch of Northrend exalteds.

And another dragon to fly on, dinging 10 mount achievement. Tough to choose between Cenarion War Hippogryph, Red Wyrmrest Dragon, and Purple Netherwing Dragon, they all feel a bit different when flying, which is probably just the eyes playing a trick on me, but its fun to have choices.

And then there was one...Explorer's League. 4K into Friendly with only one daily quest worth 250. What is that? 5 months? 6 months? IF you do it daily.

We'll see.

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