Tuesday, February 10, 2009

3.1 - I suppose I'll have to chime in

Ok, patch notes. 3.1? or is it 3.0.9? Who can tell lately with all the change?

1) Ammo (pouch-b-gone) - Sweet. Getting another 22 bag slots (my sack is, indeed, gigantique) will be very cool. Especially as I grind out a full set of PvP gear that I generally want to have with me at all times incase Horde wants to Waltz Matilda by my Titanium node.

2) Sniper Training - Excuse me? Did I just hear you say "stand still for six seconds before this ability even kicks in?" So for a benchmark fight like Patchwerk, if you kill the boss in 2:53, then you'll be benefiting for 2:47, which is nice. For any other fight, do you ever stand still for 6 consecutive seconds? Maybe here and there. But 6 is only the beginning of the benefit. Do you ever stand still for 10 consecutive seconds, during which you'll actually get a return on your talent points for 4 seconds? This talent goes from "fun dance to try to remain at max distance which really feels like a mile away when you've got Hawk Eye" to "prolly not gonna take it".

3) Ammo (not consumable) - Still sweet. If you're not an engineer. I just might have to flip my favorite engineer a sweet tip when the patch hits, just to soften the blow of the dried up revenue stream.

4) Beast Master Buffs - BM looks like it'll get better. But predictions are that SV will remain on top DPS-wise. Assuming they keep Explosive Shot reasonable.

5) Hunting Party - This depends greatly upon your raid needs. My raid leader said it'd be best if I did NOT invest points here, since we reliably have two other mana batteries in our raid. The patch notes say it'll also grant a passive bonus to the Hunter. Will this passive bonus be mana-regen related? Unless Ulduar changes things drastically (yes, please!) mana is a non-issue. Aspect of the Viper gets used between trash pulls, and that's about it lately. When beginning Naxx, I'd use it from time to time. In fights where we lose 50% of the DPS and the raid leader doesn't call for a wipe, mana is an issue. So meh on this one.

I think that's it. If I find anything else of note, I'll complain about/cheer for it in a future post.

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