Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Welcome to Conquest

In my ongoing effort to never actually enjoy stability and to continuously make waves for myself and other people, I've done it again.

I transferred servers. To a PvP server, none the less.

Matticus, of WoW Insider and World of Matticus and PlusHeal fame, started up Conquest, a new guild on the Ner'zhul server, with a guild charter and approach to raiding so consistent with my own thoughts that you'da thunk I wrote it. An initial conversation with some of the Officers illustrated even further how well we match up.

Spent some time deep in thought (usually means "on the throne", but not necessarily so in this case), and decided to make the plunge (c wut i did thar).

Choosing to leave Kishi Kaisei was painful. I've been on the Terokkar PvE server my whole WoW career, and I've been with the folks from Kishi for over a year. We've shared amazing times, a wonderful atmosphere, and lots of friendship. Each and every member of the team has contributed to making my gaming experience richer, and I will miss playing and hanging out with you.

Ultimately, I make the analogy to Jerry Seinfeld's choice to stop making his show. He did it when the show was on top, and actively chose to change things rather than do the standard human behavior of waiting for things to slowly change and break down until drama is massive and the choice to split up is inevitable.

Kishi remains in the hands of excellent Officers, and as always, the Membership is made up of an outstanding group of people, so I'm confident you will be successful and have fun moving into WotLK. I hope to hear great things about your experiences.

Likewise, Conquest has attracted people from a wide audience and server base. I look forward to getting to know the new team, and finding out the meaning of pain on a PvP server.

Did you really just compare your WoW gaming to Jerry Seinfeld? Are you kidding me?

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