Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Track Herbs / Track Minerals

Anybody notice something funny with tracking lately?

As an Herbalis / Miner, everywhere I go, I spam...

/castsequence Find Herbs, Find Minerals

Map that puppy to mouse button 3 (actually press the scroll wheel), and combine it with Gatherer addon, and you're a rich toon.

I first noticed this weekend, though, that the toggling between tracking modes didn't seem to be working right.

It really wasn't switching, but rather, just leaving me in Find Herbs mode.

BUT, some, not all, Mineral nodes were actually appearing on my mini-map.

And then along comes Monday night.

Fueled by listening to the guild raid, I went into uber leveling mode. Elixirs, buff foods for me and Bubbles, potions whenever necessary.

And NO GATHERING! /sad panda

Use your huntery goodness to track Humanoids, Beasts, Elementals. Whatever the quest requires.

See the thing is, even while tracking Beasts, the mini-map was showing me both herbs and minerals.

And I'm not talking about the Gatherer icons that it puts in place of historical node locations. I mean the Blizzard User Interface including what would normally only display with Find Herbs. While tracking Beasts.

What's the deal?

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Anonymous said...

I'm noticing the same thing. Just started googling it to see if it was just me. Mine is stuck on Track Humanoids and trying to Find Minerals does not appear to be working. Hope it gets fixed soon. Wallop (Dwarf Hunter) on Sisters of Elune.