Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Triumphant in the Black Temple

Suffice it to say Naj'entus has been nerfed to the ground, like Ret Pallies should be.

Happily, we're still raiding strong with decent numbers of folks showing up and raids kicking off close to schedule.

Waltz up through the sewers, stomping everything in our path.

Nature Resist Totem raid-wide, FTW! Lets me not have to fiddle with hunters and Aspect of the Wild in each party.

Trash that was previously troublesome, no hesitation, practically Leroy our way through the pulls.

During the two massive trashies infront of Naj'entus, our favorite Rogue does his new trick that bounces him between 5 targets and he pulls the boss.

Three choices here:

1) Eat the wipe. Stop healing, stop bandaging, stop avoiding AoE effects. Everybody die and lets regroup to kill the two trash mobs and the boss..

2) Kill the trashies and then eat the wipe. Since we're already in combat, lets finish off the two trash mobs and then die and regroup for Naj'entus only.

3) F it! We're here, lets just f'ing do it!

Option 3 ended up being the winner.

Major kudos go out to the team for adjusting so quickly to the prematurely started fight. Healers were right on the ball transitioning from regular trash to the hugely stressful job of keeping everybody topped off through the tidal shield bursts.

Major kudos go out to blizzard for nerfing the tidal shield burst from 8.5k to roughly 6k, which certainly helped us survive, lol.

Well, that was easy. Quick like a bunny, lets take our first BT "dead boss screenshot" and head on into the Illidari Training Grounds.

This room just looks so cool. Seeing it for the first time really made me appreciate the fact that the team is still motivated to keep raiding, because it really is a sight to see. Scary-looking mobs everywhere. Dragons (since when are dragons called Wyrms? can we call them dragons please?).

Took out Supremus in a two-shot.

This fight is fun as hell. As a class that does kiting as a way of life, getting targeted by the boss was outstanding as I was able to keep pouring on damage while leading him around the room. Glyph of Serpent Sting + Glyph of Arcane Shot, FTW!

In the killing attempt, he targeted Skittle the Wasp FIVE (5) F'ing times!!!!!! Mend pet + T5 bonus wasn't enough, so sadly she died all 5 times. But Improved Revive Pet to the rescue.

So, we've got 2 raid nights left before WotLK, plus an old school kara run for wednesday the 12th. If all goes as planned, we're gonna hit the Sunwell Plateau and maybe even take a shot at Kael'thas for giggles. Still rockin and rollin!

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