Thursday, November 6, 2008

Queue THIS!

Elune be praised that 11/4 was the last day for free server transfers.

The last 7 days on Terokkar have been chock'a block full of just plain garbage on /trade and /general

Does this server ever win at AV?

How many Sunwell guilds on this server?

New transfer LF guild

[guild-name] just transferred to terokkar, we have cool tabard, one bank tab, and really helpful. pst to join

this server is full of nubs that suck. i'd never transfer here

chuck norris transferred here last night

For the first time in over a year of playing WoW on the same server, I came across my first login queue.

You mean people actually wait to log in?


Granted, I only had to wait 2 minutes.

And granted, the fact that the number of people ahead of me was 69 which more than made up for the delay in amusement value alone.

Hopefully Chuck Norris scared enough people off so we'll not have too much wait time going forward.

1 comment:

Durgan said...

Yeah I haven't logged in for a couple of days while I wait for all the hoopla to die down. The trade chat was unbelievable this weekend.

My buddy and I are planning on rolling some Gnome DK on alliance side. I'll send you a whisper when we do.