Wednesday, November 19, 2008

99% of a Week in Review

Not quite a week has gone by since WotLK was released. Lets see what we've got....

1) Let me get the niceties out of the way first. The xpac is pure win so far. Anything close to complaining that follows is merely because I like to gloss over the 99% of something that I love, and focus all my energy on the tiny portion that could stand for some improvement. There, I said it. Three Cheers for the Lich King.

2) I'd tell Death Knights to rot in hell, but from what I understand, that's kinda what they're doing already. But the players behind 99% of the Death Knights? Mouth breathing, node and mob ninjaring turds. The other 1%? Sorry, but I'd rather make an error of commission than an error of omission here, so you're headed to Hades with 'em.

3) Murlocs. I've got to hand it to Blizzard that they were able to take the most hated race in the game and create, by far and away, my most favoritest quest line EVAHHHH. I entered the quest chain in northwest Borean Tundra with skepticism, because I (used to) hate murlocs. Slowly but surely, the smile on my face grew and grew, until I was giggling at the computer. Tadpoles and their underdeveloped ability to mrrrlglgle? Shoddily sewen together costume, awkward body position while jumping, and running with the goofy white flag? I'll go so far as to say I'm in love with this quest line and want to level another toon for the express purpose of repeating it. Can you give a bigger compliment?

4) Apparently 63% of this blog post will make reference to the number "99%". What's the deal? Even the title has taken on the 99% nomenclature. What started as a mere coincidence in the first two bullets has taken on a life of its own.

5) As a result of #2, the timing of my choice to drop LW/Skin and level up Herb/Mine was perhaps silly, to say the least. It was reasonable until I got to the Mithril/Sungrass stage. From there on out, the competition was so fierce, there were moments that up to 5 players would race to a node and the winner would get a variety of /spit, /salute, /rude, /clap from the others. It took on a life of its own through Hinterlands, Winterspring, Blasted Lands, and on through Hellfire and Zangarmarsh. Dinging 375 and heading to Northrend was heavenly.

6) How is "Fjord" pronounced? I'm of the understanding that its pronounced Fee-ord. In fact, another spelling of the word is "Fiord". 99% of the Guild is calling it "The Ford", like the car company. Pronounce it Ford and get an official Amava Slap Upside the Head of Disapproval.

7) I have come to learn that, when pushed, I am an OUTSTANDING ninja! Whether its mobs, nodes, slow-spawning-escort-quest-givers, improperly underpriced items on AH to turn for a profit, you name it. 99% of the time, I try to invite any Alliance toons I see standing waiting for a respawn. If they take it, sweet, they're in for some fun. If they don't, or if they're Horde? Sorry, but in Oz, its Shank or Be Shanked, and in Northrend, its Ninja or Be Ninjurd. Thankfully, Blizzard implemented some pretty quick respawn timers so the victims don't have to stew for very long.

8) I have not seen another Mammoth yet. Am I the only sucker?

9) Wasn't Blizzard going to discard the "realm first [whatever]" achievements? I guess not, because you periodically see a Realm First get broadcast. Kudos to the people who set a goal, and get the job done, whether it be leveling a toon, or a profession, or [whatever]. And to the people who spend the next half hour QQing about how the Realm First guy is a mother's basement dwelling virgin who needs to get a life? STFU. 99% of the complainers play the same number of hours as the Realm First folks. While I'm not about to try to compete for a Realm First (except for the Mammoth. do they give out a realm first achievement for that? if so, then I didn't get it. if not, any way to confirm if I did? lol), I can appreciate the motivation and drive it takes to accomplish one. Good job by you, Realm First Guys!

10) Traveler's Tundra Mammoth is 99% Win! On a normal mount, when you click to begin herbing, mining, or attacking a mob, you automatically dismount and begin attacking/gathering. Mammoth gives you an error saying you can't do it right now, and you have to manually dismount, and then begin your action. Pretty please, with sugar on top, change that!

11) Questing is definitely more fun than in the past. More concentration of quest givers. More things that overlap. 99% less feeling like I have to clear the same area again and again, first scouting, then killing mobs, then collecting items on the ground, and then killing a mini-boss mob. Thank you for that, Blizz.

12) Completed 99% of the quests in Borean Tundra. Every quest (I think) except for Last Rites. That one was bugged out and the quest mobs were frozen in position. Opened a ticket. An hour and a half later, a GM contacted me and said "we're working on it, try again later". Fine, fine. Don't bother me, Mr. GM Guy. I moved to the next zone already. Despite the speed, I'm enjoying it thoroughly, reading quest text when its fun, taking moments to enjoy the scenery or funny animations and scripted dialogues. Moving efficiently is different than racing.

13) There's something fun about having Bubbles the Gorilla get the killing blow on an animal, and then dismissing my animal-blood-debuffed companion, and talking to the pretentious folks at DEHTA. I actually do like the idea of saving the animals, and releasing baby elephants from traps just warms the heart. But the birkenstock wearers at DEHTA are just a little too over the top. PS - remember to turn off Thunderstop while killing the trappers, lest you aggro all the neutral animals you're trying to save.

14) Collecting microfilm from oil-slicked dog poo? Only thing better is the Murloc quests. Supposedly there's a quest where you actually get sick and head to the outhouse yourself, which is even better, but I haven't found that one yet. Would be funny if it takes place in Borean Tundra, after I've made the claim to have done all the quests there 'cept for Last Rites.

15) What is it about Vehicles that breaks most UI addons? 99% of the Vehicle quests, I have to log out and disable addons. The harpoon guns in the Fjord, flying rescue of feared villagers in (/forgets name of chilly place between the Fjord and the Tundra, oh now I remember) Dragonblight, perhaps others. Fun quests, but annoying addon breakage.

16) A single Rich Cobalt node allowed me to mine it a grand total of 9 times. At around 5, I started getting becoming amused. By 7 or 8, I was bouncing. At 9, it was pure "ka-ching". Cobalt is selling like hot cakes. Must be some rich folks really want their Motorcycles.

That's enough for now!


Anonymous said...

I'm with you. It's "fee-ord". And you should sprinkle a little Scandinavian accent on top for good measure. -Zirc

Durgan said...

The reason the vehicle's are kind of broken as I understand it from is because most action bar addons haven't been built to deal with the vehicles yet. They tend to ignore the vehicles buttons or disable them.

WhoopinYe said...

You should pronounce the "j" as a "y" like the Germans do, so it would sound more like "fyord". I took a class in Scandinavian literature and this word was used a lot, assuming the teacher knew how to pronounce it correctly.