Monday, November 3, 2008

Fewer Details

So they're sayin that mana oils and weapon sharpening stones are gonna end at level 70.

Raiding at 80 wont include them. Raiding at level 80 also wont include copious amounts of potions, since you can only drink one per combat.

Ever since patch 3.0.2, my pet almost never becomes unhappy, so my need for happy pet food is very low.

More and more of the pre-raid details are being removed.


I went from burning nearly 30 Fel Mana Pots a night (curse you, lengthy Al'ar wipes), to not even using a single one.

This reduces my need for out-of-raid grinding substantially.

Sure, I still need ammo, repair bills, flasks/elixirs, bandages, Hunter buff food, Pet buff food, drums, some (much less, but still some) potions, scrolls (didn't really use them reliably in TBC, but with Inscription, scrolls will be ubiquitous).

So the need to farm for raids isn't totally gone, but the burden is reduced.

Verah Nice!

Raiding is fun, let us get at it.

Preparing for a raid is not fun, let us skip it.

Make raiding about mastering individual skills with your own toon/role and mastering how you operate as a cohesive unit with your teammates.

The aspect of the game that's just a shopping list that takes longer to gather than my RL grocery list is just plain old not fun. Well, I suppose making a bee-line for Beer, frozen White Castle cheeseburgers, and lube doesn't take that long, but I digress.

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loronar said...

Yeah, it's kinda insane that Aspect of the Viper is that awesome at regenerating mana now. It makes me wonder why I even carry all these potions and mana stuff anymore.

Also, I hadn't visited your blog in a few weeks... DAMN you got a lot of money since the end of summer. o.O Gonna hit the cap anytime soon?