Thursday, November 20, 2008

Need a little help

Ok, time to help a sister out.....

  1. Professional Cooldowns: Anybody know a good addon for managing professional cooldowns? Remembering to log into each of the toons that have a transmute, inscription research, whatever, is not really working for me.

    • Requirement: convenient, difficult-to-miss notification. Can't be some obscure calendar entry I'll never look at.

    • Requirement: must work across all alts on a single account

    • Nice to Have: twould be nice if it worked across all alts on multiple accounts

    • Stretch Goal: twould be even nicer if it stored its data server side (perhaps in a calendar entry, lol) so it'll work across multiple computers

  2. Professional Leveling Ingredients: Looking for an addon that'll help me know if an item is useful for leveling a profession on one of my toons. An example would be Fel Iron. Amava farms it and wants to sell it for mass profit, but her Engineering cousin is looking for a couple stacks to level her profession. Would be great if there was an easy way for me to know if a given material would be useful to another toon before I sell it. NOTE: I've used BookOfCrafts, but its little popup windows became too much of a nusiance, and it didn't handle things properly when I dropped and changed professions.

    • Requirement:: convenient way to display to me whether an item is useful to another toon's profession or not.

    • Requirement:: must work across all alts on a single account

    • Nice to Have: twould be nice if it worked across all alts on multiple accounts. I'd be ok with this one if it wasn't some server-side data, and therefore was not super convenient across multiple computers.

    • Nice to Have: The interface should indicate whether the item will be used for a skill-up recipe, or the color of the recipe (orange, yellow, green, grey)

    • Stretch Goal: Allow me to specify which recipes I want to make to level up, and have it flag items for that. (ie, you have 4 orange recipes, but one is substantially cheeper than the others. would be great if it only flagged ingredients for the recipes I specify I want to use for leveling)

  3. Auctioneer Database: Looking to get my auctioneer data into a more usable format. I find the LUA difficult to parse, as I cannot locate a spec for the file format. I'm specifically referring to the simple market value and trading volume data, and not necessarily too much of the auctioneer statistical data. I wrote a make-shift parser, that takes several assumptions about the file hardcoded into it, and I'm not really happy with it.

    • Best: program I can execute that'll take my auctioneer lua file and populate either a Mysql, OpenOffice Base, or MS Access database

    • Good: Java library that'll take in my auctioneer lua file and give me some objects with reasonable API to access the data

    • Ok: program I can execute that'll take my auctioneer lua file and output a CSV or some other easier to digest format

    • Yucky: file format spec for the auctioneer lua files, and I'll write my own damn parser

  4. Shammy Totems: I'm not even looking for an addon to manage these at the moment. What I'm looking for is a way to disable the silly circles that the Blizzard default UI puts right near my Unit Frame to indicate which totems I've got down and their time remaining. I disabled all addons and still see the circles, thus confirming they're from the default UI. They are positioned directly over my X-Perl character buffs/debuffs and its hugely annoying. How do I disable these totem indicators from the default UI?

Help me with some or all of these, and I'll be your best friend.


Jacob said...

Shammy Totems

TotemTimers hides the timers by default, so one option is you could get TotemTimers.

The bit of Lua it uses to hide the timers is in Settings.lua:


Mal-2 said...

Any luck finding a good crafting cooldown reminder?

Amava said...

No, no real luck in this department. But then again, going through a server transfer over the weekend has totally distracted me from these crafting needs.

Jacob's shammy LUA was nice though.