Friday, June 13, 2008

I return to the Isle of Quel'Burnout

Fun little experience the other day.

When Patch 2.4 and the Isle of Quel'Danas rolled our way, I was all over it. Starting with two quests in Phase 1 and the total chaos that was all the other players, as well as all the mobs right on top of your entry point. Combat all over the place.

Server progresses to the next phase. The battle lines push back a little bit, a few new quests open up.

Doing my dailies daily, doing my part for the cause.

Another phase opens up, now lots of dailies. Still doing them daily, and enjoying seeing the battlefront get pushed even further back.

The daily experience is gettin' old by this point, so I back off, just making sure I do the one that's aimed at opening up the new Badge vendor, and if it suited my fancy, I'd do some of the others.

Ding exalted. Ding new Badge vendor available. Ding 150 badges. Ding new Crossbow.

Ding Amava never setting foot in the Isle again.

At least for a while. Or when hitting up Heroic MrT. But that's a summon straight to the stone, thus no sight seeing.

I was qq'ing over vent after a raid about the challenges of remaining hit capped while using lots of Pre-Season 3 PvP gear.

Somebody was standing at the Gem vendor on the Isle at the moment, and he linked in a phat gem that provides +5agi / +5hit. Woah???? I did a double take. That is a really fine gem you've got there. I love the balance between the stats and the little extra bling over gems that're more readily available.

Sitting pretty on 15 badges at that time, and also sitting 4 hit rating below the hit cap when well fed, I scooted on over to the Isle of Quel'Burnout.

Ok, so where's this gem vendor i'm hearing so much about?

Look on the mini map, teammate's standing there, home in on his position.

Ok. Wait, isn't that the danger zone? That little pavillion thingie, there's lots of bad guys over there that respawn quicker than an 18 year old's libido.

No, its safe.

Really? Oh yeah. Last time I was here was early phase 3. Seems we've kicked some ass and pushed the front lines a little further. Nicely done.

So just my 2 cents on enjoying being part of, and then sort of not a part of, a server wide event. Nicely done, I enjoyed it.

Now gimme my gems!

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Anonymous said...

Quel'Burnout is right. I stopped going there for a month after getting exalted, and the last 2 phases happened without me. Nowadays I go back if I want to make some quick cash.