Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I Can Haz Mail

So Amava has now left the world of armor downgrading, being fully encased in a layer of Mail armor, ready to show the mobs of the World of Warcraft which end of a Mysterious Arrow is the pointy one. I personally like being on the fletched end, tyvm.

Saunter on up to the Curator's Menagerie. Slaughter him in just about 2 minutes in our fastest time ever. Warlock crit'ed for 23k during an evocate, which is just plain old silly. We now have two players consistently exceeding 1000 DPS on many of the boss fights which is nice. Spread the love.

The Tiki God of Pseudo Random Numbers was kind enough to drop the T4 Glove token for Hunters, among other classes. Having passed on that puppy the 6 previous times I've seen it drop to help spread that DPS love, nobody else in the raid needed them, so I caved and took them.

Sort of a side-grade as compared to Gloves of Dexterous Manipulation, but they provide some extra MP5 which helps on longer boss fights. And they're MAIL!!!! Silly Hunter, leather's for Rouges <sic>.

Leaves me with one piece of leather left, my pants. The pants are getting kinda snug though, and I have to put them on with powder and lotion, a la Ross Geller. Mama needs a new pair of pants.

I've been eyeballing Leggings of the Pursuit since the badge vendor opened up. Having dumped 150 badges on my crossbow, I've been slowly clawing my way up to 100 for the pants.

Been sitting at 98 badges for a week-ish. Playing my baby Horde Druid most of the week, so Amava didn't hit any Heroics or even any SSO quests with badge dropping potential during the week.

Enter Zul'Aman.

Our raid in ZA is like a box of chocolates (ok, stop with the damn box of chocolates thing today, would ya?). We've downed Nalorakk once and that's it. A grand total of 1 badge out of roughly a month or a month and a half in the dungeon.

Probably ain't gonna happen tonight, right?

Wrong. Nalorakk one shot. 99 badges of justice on the wall. 99 badges of justices. Akil'zon 4-shot. 2 more badges, baby. Port to Shatt. Port to the Isle. Mama's got her new pair of pants.

Slapped a Nethercobra on them doggies, and two epic gems I had sitting in the bank from previous Heroic boss drops, and I'm fully stylin' in mail.

I'll have to wait for my raid buffs to wear off to see the net effect on my stats, but it definitely is looking pretty sweet.

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