Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Haris Being all Stuffy

So I haven't posted in a while. Sorry, I'm feeling bitter and spiteful about something WoW-related, and I'm taking it out on you guys. I reserve the right to be a child about stuff :-P

On to the seriousness. I just got home and logged in for patch 2.4.3 and I want my Gigantique bags.

Haris Pilton won't talk to me.

None of the usual research sites has anything to offer about a quest or reputation needed to talk to her.

WHAT GIVES??????????????????

Did the patch not go?


Leiandra said...

I believe patch 2.4.3 is only on the PTR as of today. What did go live was Season 4 for arenas.

Anonymous said...

Patch did not go live yet. It's only been a week since the PTR went up, so give it at least 1 more week.

Durgan/Kzag said...

Yes its been very quiet. Been waiting for an update. And as the previous people said, 2.4.3 is still on the PTR's.