Friday, June 13, 2008

How can we suck so much?

I wish I had some screen shots to back this up, but oh well. You're gonna have to trust me on this. Its not like I'm trying to sell you a bridge here.

Played a few AV and AB matches recently to start piling up the Honor to replace my Vindicator's gear starting two weeks from now when the Guardian set becomes available.

Joined up with my 2v2 teammate and went into these BG's as a group.

I cannot begin to explain how much we dominated each and every BG we entered.

It made me so ashamed at our 1517 rating after 81 arena matches played (yes, we took a month or two off in the middle of Season 3).

Example: Arathi Basin

The two of us open up the game by capping the Blacksmith. Small skirmish, defeat off a few Hordies, take the node. Horde moves on to cap the remaining 4 nodes.

This pissed us off.

So we left BS undefended and sauntered on up to the Farm and captured it. There were 6 Horde when we got there. None of them bugged out and ran off. They all died. Two rez'd, came back in, and died again. It was just me and my partner.

We continued to move node to node. GM. ST. LM. Back to Farm. BS. Outnumbered at nearly every node we approached. Just the two of us. Captured the node every single time.

Went the entire AB without dying. He led the healing meters by triple the nearest Alliance player. Amava led the damage by more than double. Alliance won the game, after starting off being 4-capped.

Example: Alterac Valley #1

Other than when stuck behind a turtle and not feeling like doing a corpse run (/crossfingers that they'll not pick up my insignia, and let me rez at my corpse), I rarely play defense in AV.

My buddy says he wants to try it out. kk. The two of us head into Belinda's house. I think it was Belinda. The Alliance equivalent of Galv. We're the only two Allies in there, besides the NPCs.

Masses of Horde show up to kill her.

Nope. Wave after wave after wave after wave of Horde died. Nobody thought to target the two of us. He kept healing Bel, I kept killing Horde healers.

Horde was down to 150 resources by the time they gave up and stopped attacking her.

The healing and damage report was off the chart. The closest Ally to my damage output was 100k less than me. The nearest healer on either team had only a fraction of the healing output.

Example: Alterac Valley #2

Giddy off of the defensive victory, we decided to bring the fight to our enemy.

Went straight to IBGY. Piled up a stack of Horde corpses this high (visual cue: hand held out to the side, indicating a pile shoulder height. and my shoulders are abnormally far from the ground). By the time the rest of the Alliance killed off Galv, IBGY had actually capped.

Moved on to defend TP. Just us two. A constant stream of incoming Horde. Dead. Several minutes of nearly continuous combat up in that little room in the tower. TP blows up.

Run along to discover the entire Alliance offense is doing the silly little dance at FWGY. You know the one. The totally useless mass of bodies doing nothing else besides illustrating their complete and total inability to see something shiny (like some Horde) and not reach out for it (or go fight it).

So the two of us trot on past. This time, a random stranger (warrior tank, ftw) saw us going and joined in. The three of us went on to cap RHGY, cap both FW towers, fight off several horde trying to get through the gate and reclaim their towers, and then we went on to initiate the fight against Drek. We had him down to 55-ish % before any additional Alliance players made their way into the fight.

Even given the obscene mass slaughter in mid field near the FWGY, and even with keeping each and every shot I fired aimed at claiming or defending a strategic objective, I led the damage output by a large margin. And even though my friend healed primarily himself, Amava, Ruby the Boar, or our Warrior friend, healing was far and away the tops.

This one was actually pretty nasty, and Alliance won with 22 reinforcements to spare. But OOOOOHHHHH did it feel good.

So what's your point?

We understand, Amava, you've got a tiny doo-dad and need to make up for it by bragging about your conquests on the virtual battlefield, right?

Well, yeah, that.

But, wtf? Clearly we have some ability at PVP.

How in the hell has it been so hard for us to squeak our way above 1500 in arenas?

I'm not expecting 2000 or something outrageous, but 1600? Is that really that far fetched?

How can we possibly suck that much?


Cynra said...

People go into Arenas with a planned strategy and in a group of people who know each other and work together to accomplish a goal. Battlegrounds are by nature the polar opposite of Arenas; they instead throw complete strangers together who have differing ideas on how to work together, different goals, different plans, and who may not even be interested in winning. The dynamics of the two situations are widely different.

That said, I really enjoy fighting in the Battlegrounds. I like that challenge, I like how different each match can be, and, honestly, I love going into a fight and pointing out that, yes, I heal. The effusive joy that results often warms the cockles of my heart!

Also, keep in mind that there is little incentive for a geared Arena player to head back to the Battlegrounds while they can enter the lower brackets of the Arena to boost players or improve Arena team scores to sell them. As a result, the competition is completely different in terms of gear and skill.

Anonymous said...

Cynra has it right.

By their nature arenas attract people who are serious about PvP. An arena team requires a fairly significant commitment to another player or players.

The BGs are full of people like me who just want to dabble in PvP. BG's are something I can try out on an ad-hoc basis without worrying that I'll suck too much.