Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Daily Routine

In a post regarding her return from 25-person raiding to semi-solo WoW, Valdesta discusses some of the solo type activities that are enjoyable. Daily quests fall into that cagetory, yes?

Bottom line: there's too many Daily Quests. I had a few days off from work a little while ago, and started out each day doing dailies. Next thing you know, its time for your 9:00pm raid and you have done barely anything besides daily quests.

Sitting pretty at 13k-ish gold, I'm done doing the dailies as a chore. So after my second day of getting nauseated with myself for grinding out daily quests for no real reason, I said NO MAS.

But, being a creature of habit, I do enjoy a little daily routine.

So, my not quite so daily quests, chosen largely because they're the ones I sort of enjoy in some strange repeatable way....

Start in Shattrath City. Pickup Cooking, Gathering, Nagrand Fireball Measuring, Sunfury Attack Plans, and Mana Cells.

If Cooking is the chicken wing one, fly out to Skettis and also bomb some eggs while there. Return to Shattrath City.

If Cooking is Nagrand Soup one, fly out to Spirit Fields and do skinning, fireball measuring, and cooking. Return to Shattrath City.

If Cooking is Demon Broiled Surprise, stop by the Aldor bank where there's always a stack of Crunchy Serpent and Mok'nathal Ribs handy.

Fly up to Blade's Edge. I used to do all of the Ogri'la quests. I despise the wrangling one, so I don't do it. I despise the 15 demons / portal thingie, so I don't do it. Simon Says is easy money, but I'm out of the money loop. Get a load of this. Here's how you know you need to hide behind a wall of anonymous alts. Why do I hate Simon Says? Because in the 2 minutes of concentration that the quest requires, I get about 20 whispers that all just annoy the crap out of me and sometimes blow my concentration and cause me to restart the stupid quest. Usually on the last sequence of 8 lights. Stop bugging me, folks.

But I digress. Back to daily circuit. Bomb the Ogri'la ammo stacks in the southern forge camp. I pretend I'm Maverick in Top Gun (lol, he was a fighter pilot, this is a ground attack mission, but whatever, its my fantasy). Unfortunately, Kelly McGillis does little for me, so that's where the fantasy ends, although that bathroom counter has left me intrigued since I was a little kid seeing the movie for the first time.

If cooking quest is the demon broiled surprise, I complete that over here.

Then on up to the Mana Cells / Phase Inverter thingie. Depending upon time of day, this one goes really quick. Occasional ninjas as Condoleezza occupies all the worms in an area, but I suppose that comes with the job.

Fly on over to the south-western most Mana Forge in Netherstorm. Kill stuff. Only once has the Sunfury Attack Plans been a real bear for me. Usually the first 10 kills does the trick. To keep it interesting, I try to pull 5 or 6 Blood Elves at a time. It gets pretty hairy when one of those patrolling robotic sentries shows up near the beginning of a large mob pull, but whatever. Keeps it from becoming dull.

If Cooking is smurf berries, go pick them and skin the crap out of the mobs nearby to get leathers for profit and nether residues for gathering quest. But don't go crazy trying to complete the gathering quest, because chances are, you'll be headed out to Nagrand later in your daily routine.

Depending on my mood and current inventory level of Kibler's Bits, I head on over to Hellfire Peninsula and do the two SSO quests there. Mileage varies on completion speed here. If the elementals near the quest giver are alive when I get there, I'm done in less than 4 minutes with the two quests. If they're not alive, I usually abandon the quests, as I'm here for fun and a slight semblance of routine, and not a boring monotany like reading Amava's blog dental surgery.

On the way out of Hellfire, I kill all the buzzards that're just south of the Alliance Temple in the west part of the zone. Gotta keep my pets strong like bull.

Back to Shatt City to turn in the sunfury and mana cells.

If (A) cooking is not Nagrand Soup (in which case I would have already completed it at beginning of routine) -AND- (B) I have not stumbled upon all 8 gatherable Nether Residues along my travels, I head out to measure fireballs in Nagrand and grind Clefthoofs en masse.

Best case, I complete 7 dailies in about 45 minutes. Worst case seems to be about 1.5 hours for all 7 plus some buzzard farming, largely variant on drop rates and forgetting to do a quest before flying on to the next one (manaberries is notorius for being forgotten before flying away from Netherstorm).

I used to also do the daily Fishing quest. Then I dinged 375 fishing. I still did it every day. Then the World's Largest Mudfish took me, and I sht you not, 7 Aquadynamic Fish Attractors. That's right. 70 minutes trying to complete a single daily quest. I haven't been able to sit right since. And I haven't touched a fishing pole since either.

I used to do all the SSO dailies. Then I dinged Exalted. I kept doing them every day. Then the server opened up another and another and another phase with more and more quests each time. I vomited. I haven't been back to the Isle other than for Heroic MgT or the Badge Vendor since.

So there you have it. My daily routine.

And if I'm on a BG kick, I don't do any of this, I just head on over to Stormwind City and play "cap the node/gy/tower/flag" until my eyes bleed.

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Val said...

Heya! Thanks for the link!

I need to do more of that myself. Now that everyone's finished getting married around me and I have my time back, I'll be starting soon :)

Interesting trek through your daily quests, and neat to know how much you get done in how much time. I really haven't done dailies... partially because it seems like it's what expected of me and I'm a little contrary in that way.

At any rate, it's all fun, but I'm definitely a "mix it up" kinda girl instead of playing until my eyes bleed then switching to the next ;)

Fun to read tho hehe :)

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