Saturday, June 7, 2008

Horde'ing Gold and Angst

While not raiding or raid prepping on Amava, I'm pretty much playing my lil Tauren Druid. Trying to level her curvy butt up quick like a bunny, but unfortunately, that's not one of the animal forms I can shapeshift into just yet. But hitting 20 brought kitty form and the joy that is two points in faster running speed, and that led pretty quickly to level 23.

So a round of some quick thoughts:

1) You know money is always forefront on my mind, and my little girl happily dinged 100g this morning while still level 22. I can't stress enough how much fun Herbalism/Mining is. Only pain is toggling the macro to swap between tracking modes. And always seeing shiny objects on the way to quest objectives, thus taking forever to get anywhere. But she can stealth and bypass many mobs, which is something Amava never could do.

2) Only charity I've accepted so far was a set of 4 large bags from a friend, which have been hugely and completely amazing. Bag space changes the game dramatically for any toon, but a dual gatherer especially. Also, picked up a few silvers during some boosting runs through RFC, but not enough to really affect the overall balance sheet.

3) At 21/22, I transitioned from Barrens to Ashenvale. (A) I've been through Ash thrice as alliance. Fun to be there as a bad guy. (B) There seems to be a gap in quests, as all I can find are level 24/25 quests in either of the two zones. So for most of level 21 I was doing level 24 quests and either taking forever between mobs or just getting my ass kicked. First time I can ever remember reaching 0% armor durability. That gave me a chuckle. But the 15 silver cost to repair was nice. Amava's bill would be about 45 gold for a 0% repair.

4) If I understand the tooltip correctly, I'll eventually get a Faerie Fire that I can cast while in Kitty mode? Please, pretty please, give me this sooner. When I cast FF on a mob, I kill it so fast it aint funny. But that requires I switch to caster form, do the FF, switch back to kitty which costs me mana and eliminates any energy I had (and I got no points in the talent that gives you energy when you shape shift. I want running speed too much to go there). If its castable from in cat form, FFF will be the shiz.

5) Oh, and I need to stop calling Horde Druid Cat form "kitty" because the lion just looks stupid with those horns. I like the Night Elf kitty more better.

6) And the most fun....the Guild she's in, Has Made A Huge Mistake, did their first Karazhan raid. Many of the raiders have been to Kara before, but not as a unit and not since the guild formed up a week or so ago. Very successful run, killing bosses up to Curator. Sadly, I was not there, but Thursday nights are Real Life nights. Oh yeah, and I'm only 23.

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Mosshoof said...

Yes, FFF lets you cast FF while in cat or bear form.

It's also one way to do pulls in bear form, though end game druid tanks will sometimes pull by casting a long-lasting HoT on themselves, then wrath or starfire on mob 1, moonfire on mob 2, and switch to bear, for extra initial threat.