Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Akil'zon is Akil'gone

I couldn't resist the title.

Second boss in Zul'Aman sleeps with the fishes for the first time at the hands of my guild.

The wowwiki description confused the hell out of me, so I'll just go ahead and give it the old "this fight comes down to one thing and one thing only". If you've got the gear to kill Nalorakk, beating Akil'zon really only requires one little detail to master.

Team movement during Electrical Storms.

When your Boss Mod tells you there's about 6-ish seconds before the storm, cancel anything you're casting, and run into melee range of the boss. Everybody. And wait. Wait for it. Wait for it. Electrical Storm casts. Target raid member lifts up way high in a beautiful display of blue lightning, and then he drops back down. Now you can go back to max range and pew pew pew.

It really was that simple.

Oh, and you've got to space yourselves, but if you've beaten Maiden of Virtue this is no surprise. We ignored the little eagle adds entirely.

On each of the 3 failed attempts, the fight was totally under control, but each time, somebody would fail to run close enough fast enough during the storms. OR, since its a random amount of time from when the warning shows up to when the spell is actually cast, somebody would get impatient and run back into position before the storm gets cast.

The result is the same, you blow up.

So, show up with the gear to beat Nalorakk, and Akil'zon is just a matter of figuring out the movement for electrical storm. Assuming you've got enough AoE damage to clear the gauntlet up to him :-)

What a beautiful sight to behold as we strolled in with 1 Holy Priest, 1 Holy Paladin, and 1 Resto Druid. For a 10-man raid, that's a pretty sweet combo.

And next time I'm gonna expirement a little bit, perhaps at the expense of blowing my team up, but don't tell them that. During Electrical Storm, I was running into melee range, and just firing off Raptor Strikes and dropping Immolation traps. This gimps my DPS hardcore. Next time, I'm gonna try standing at minimum ranged distance and see if we're safe.

Shhhh, don't tell anybody.

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Nibuca said...

DBM and BigWigs are sometimes wildly out of sync with the actual arrival of the storm. Run in too soon and he casts chain lightning that flattens the raid. Run in too late and the wrong person gets thrown into the air and flattens the raid.

Better plan: Open up your sounds in the game. Turn "AMBIENT" all the way up, to the top and turn the other two (music and .. um sounds I think) all the way down. You'll hear birds chirping and crickets I think. When the storm -actually- comes you'll hear the rain start about 3 seconds before someone gets tossed into the air.

We have at least one person who listens only to the AMBIENT (me) and calls out when they hear the rain. Then we collapse in on the tank.

Also, when someone does get lifted into the air there's a black dot under them. Make sure you're in that black dot and you won't take the storm damage.