Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I Can NOT Haz Mail

In a recent post, I celebrated Amava's graduation from armor downgrader to Mail Encrusted Hunter, having replaced my last two leather items with a badge mail upgrade to legs and a T4 upgrade to gloves.

Happy times.

Fast forward a few days. Before logging out, I take a gander at my gear to make sure I look all prim and proper. You know Outfitter is a silly goose and sometimes it decides to leave my Riding Crop on when I dismount, or other such poppycock, and of late, I'm paying closer attention to my Armory profile than normal.

Looking at the tooltip for each of my gear items, I hover on the helm. Ok, meta gem, check. Other gem, check. Glyph of Ferocity, check.

But, why does the Meta Gem look funny? Its the right stats, +12agi and +3% crit damage.

Why's it greyed out?

DOH. The gem requires 2 red, 2 yellow, and 2 blue.

Sprint on over to the Aldor Bank and look at the two Leather pieces I recently doffed, and I discover that each one has a blue gem slot.

Arrgh. Double Arrgh.

Comparing overall stats between Leather Gloves and Mail Gloves, taking into account the Meta Gem, Leather wins.

So Amava is now the Leather Queen, ready to walk the cat walk and strut her leather clad hands for all to see.

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