Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Rebirth of CC

One of the toons that I do the daily cooking quest on is my level 69 Shaman.

She lives in Dalaran, really only leaving the city to pick carrots, or to occasionally follow Amava around and skin mass quantities of rhinos.

But the other day, I have no idea why I was looking, but I noticed that she had been given a refund of her talent points. Must have been some patch or other mixed shammies up enough to warrant a refund.

So I figured...why not throw the points into the Resto tree and see what this healing nonsense is all aboot.

LFG normal mode UK

Have you tried to get a run together for a normal mode dungeon lately? Not a whole lot of demand for that as it would turn out.

But, there were a few players in Amava's guild who wanted to go, and a brief visit to LFM channel found the rest.

Best part...tank was a level 69 Death Knight....

Who admitted he was high as a kite.

Meh. Whatever, we were just trying to have a fun run, no pressure. That's the beauty of finishing raid content very efficiently. If you've carved the time out of your schedule, but finish raid early, you can fart around with Smoke Dog the DK Tank.

Where's my pet, and what the hell do I do now?

(A) The hunter with us was confusing the hell out of me because I kept thinking his pet was my pet. /tap [forehead] Oh, right, I'm a shammy.

(B) What on earth do you want me to do now? I've got totems, I've got shields, I've got weapon enchants, I've got some spells or something.

Luckily, one of the guildies knows a bit about shamans, and the other knows lots about healing, and they're both extremely patient, which was just outstanding.

However, Smoke Dog's tanking ability was not outstanding.

The Rebirth of CC

I suppose we could blame the healer for the early trash wipes, since he's total noob and still wearing attack power belt and boots.

But we love the healer, so we're gonna look elsewhere and see what we can do with our motley crew.

Tank McTankerton was a bit squishy. And was pulling everything in sight. Ok, stop that!

And we've got a mage who's just itching to show off his cute Turtle Polymorph.

And somebody playing his Hunter alt, champing at the bit to try some chain trapping.

Lets Doo Eet! Sheep the moon, trap the square, I'll try to heal stuff, gogogogogoggogo!

It was awesome

It really was pretty cool again. The alt-Hunter did a great job trapping. Sheepy was spot on with his job. Despite having a kiddy pool for mana, the healer was sorta keeping people alive. Smoke Dog was showing signs of his mind altered state, but whatever, it was fun. And I dinged 70 while turning in the quest for the guy's head, so that didn't hurt the fun-factor at all.

We were relying upon the ancient art of crowd control, and every pull that we survived was actually a sense of accomplishment.

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